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Member since: 2001
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Bread and Circuses.

Ouch! Good one, sadly enough.

How is it NOT exactly that?

Yep, part of an aggressive CON infrastructure prescribed in the Powell Memo.


Commissioned in the very early 1970s by the US Chamber of Commerce, which worried about losing the narrative after the revolutions social changes of the 60s. They didn’t like all this anti-war/uppity women/civil rights/social justice/outspoken students stuff that erupted all over the country during that amazing and uproarious decade. They found it threatening to their view of what was “right” (and good for business). Lewis Powell wrote it and it became a blueprint for a right-and-far-right takeover of the country and culture. And Lewis Powell became a SCOTUS Associate Justice, nominates by Nixon.

Ahhh what memories, what memories...

Yes. Thank you, Madame President.

DAMMIT what we could have had. Would have had. And SHOULD have had.

The CONS cheated. With help from a Hostile Foreign Power. He will NEVER be a legitimately elected “President.” He fucking CHEATED.

Another wonderwork, Nance!

Hillary. God I miss her!

Like a light in the darkness.

If you want to buy him, he's for sale for 3.5 million dollars.

Dallas Morning News had this in 2017. That’s Mitch’s price tag, and what Ukrainian billionaire Len Blavatnik paid for him. Blavatnik owns a stable of republi-CONS. In the Senate and at the state level.



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