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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 55,887

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If he does that, he won't get me.

Yeah no shit.

And what the hell is so wrong about saying America was already great?

It certainly was before The Asset got his hands on it.

What the fuck did Buttigieg mean by that? Hillary was ALWAYS great, too, Mayor Pete. Maybe you should take a lesson and try to measure up.

Fuck! That stupid shitty and entirely unnecessary wisecrack is just damned insulting!


And WHAT WAS WRONG with Hillary saying America is already great???

WTF, Mayor Pete? You want me to rule you out or something?

Better damn well NOT dump on HRC if you expect to woo a vote from calimary.

Indeed. Where ARE his tax returns? He's certainly kept them secret

for a long time. Since the last time. And as with trump not releasing his tax returns, Iíd ask the same of Bernie as I have of trump: you hiding something?

Jabba the Barr.

I did not come up with this one. Simply enjoying the spreading of it.

On edit - kudos for DUer sandensea! Thatís from whom I first saw it posted.


Awwwww, Joni Baloney with her hog castrations and her farmer's-daughter smile.

Iím not impressed. Never was.

Great find!

Oh brother...

You couldnít even tell a seasoned, strategically brilliant, and already proven effective Speaker of the House when she was standing right in front of you.

Thanks but no thanks, Rep. Moulton.
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