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calimary's Journal
calimary's Journal
June 30, 2019


June 30, 2019

AOC nailed it. Gee, Ivanka, your only qualification is your membership in the Lucky Sperm Club?

And what she was wearing?

She’s supposed to have designer-level taste and style? Lordy...

What will be stuck in my mind for the rest of my memory will be that “60 Minutes” interview with the whole trump clan (klan?) right after the Russians stole our election for him. There was Ivanka seated in the front row with daddy and Melania on what I think was a sofa. Her brothers either were standing behind them or seated on tall stools.

Leslie Stahl, I think, was the interviewer. She asked donald something related to his post-election transition plans. But Ivanka was easily viewable on the shot. She was sitting demurely and watching. Then after a few moments, she brings one forearm up, bent at the elbow, and with a subtle sweep, moves that hand across to her opposite shoulder - and parks it there. Wrist sticking out. Which allowed her forearm a very obvious showcase.

There was a reason for that “casual and nonchalant” repositioning. You immediately noticed the slim gold bangle bracelet she had on that forearm arranged right smack-dab in the middle of her share of the shot.

Very soon thereafter, some observant individual had spotted a post on Ivanka’s fashion website or Instagram that said (paraphrasing here) “Notice that bracelet Ivanka had on, during the ‘60 Minutes’ interview? It’s yours for $10,000 from ivankatrump.com!”

June 30, 2019

You better be back, leftofcool. We need you!

Get well soon-soon-soon! Much love and many hugs!

June 30, 2019

Oh but no! You guys don't get it! Remember what James Watt said!!!

Remember when that disgraceful human blight was Reagan’s idea of a good Interior Secretary? I was watching him for n TV, making a public statement that : when the last tree is felled, Jesus will come back!!!”

Truth. I still remember feeling my jaw drop right down toward the floor.

June 30, 2019

David Corn - for the WIN.

What? Like that’s something bad or disgusting or non-sexist? Somebody who doesn’t rape and brag about it? Somebody who isn’t a congenital pathological liar? Like that’s somehow a bad thing? Somebody who is so vile, vulgar, and untrustworthy that even you wouldn’t behave that way and certainly wouldn’t want your children to follow that example?

Then what does that say about YOU, WSJ Editorial Board???

Dammit, I just keep on getting dragged back to that same damn question. WHAT does that say about those who cling to him and somehow manage to justify supporting him?

June 30, 2019


June 30, 2019

They don't have much of a legitimate leg to stand on, do they.

I guess it’s appropriate, though. For an ILLEGITIMATE so-called pResident.

June 29, 2019

Definitely! That's a top priority for me in my ongoing fantasy "if I were running MSNBC."

Getting RID of Chuck Todd.

Chuck “it’s not my job to fact-check my guests” Todd.

Mr. “I put one side on and let them say their piece and then I put the other side on and let them say their piece. And voila! That’s all it takes! I’ve done my job!”

To which I say “Bull-fucking-shit!”

I’d END his run on “Meet the Press.” Smug schmuck has no business captaining that show. Not even the weekday version. Every day he’s on there as host, he proves yet again that he doesn’t deserve it. Soooooooo many alternatives! Rachel Maddow comes to mind. So does Katy Tur. I might even try to steal Jake Tapper.

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