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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 54,671

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They ALL seem to love the horse race.

I think that’s why Steve “PLEEEEEZE switch to decaf” Kornacki gets so much face time these days. Actually body time, for all the moments he almost literally throws himself around in front of his graphics boards.

No kidding.


I keep being left with just one question

whenever I see shit like this from republi-CONS and any who support or excuse or vote for it:

“So then, what does that say about THEM?”

That's one of the things Don McGhan was in there to do.

To stovepipe the Federalist Society’s judicial wish-list under trump’s signing pen.

The media-related one is half gone. Pox Noise and the Salem TV chain

are guilty as charged. More wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Wasn't Rand Paul one of only two votes in the Senate against

the most recent 9/11 first responders bill? Because it costs too much.

So raise multi-millionaires’ taxes even just a wee bit and COVER this, dammit!

We literally owe our very lives to first responders everywhere.

I once saw a button that read: "the Christian Right is Neither."



Truth! I love this poem!

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