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And when questioned, Pence will fall back on the

“well this is the first I’ve heard of it” response.


That’s gonna hurt.

Truly. It's hard when you give your heart to a candidate and then watch her or him

failing to gain ground. I went through that when Jay Inslee dropped out. But I had to be practical and accept that the numbers just weren’t there for him. It takes strength and fortitude and feet both firmly on the ground, and a head not up in the clouds.

Amy always struck me as somebody eminently practical. Which, to me, is a virtue.

Thank you, Kerrycrat! And thanks to everyone else doing what you've now done.

I think he would be. Mayor Pete has class.

Wouldn’t it be great for him to endorse Biden too?

I'd expect him to do this time what he did when up against HRC.

I would love to be wrong. Seriously.

No satire here, but I do wonder what Tulsi's trying to prove by staying in.

Wow! The way this is trending!

And if Bloomberg decides to put his money behind Biden, then that’ll be some very muscular money coming into play.

Yep! Same here.

There's also Matthew 25:35-45. The one about "the least of these."

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