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The NY Post is a right wing rag

And, please show me where she supports the TPP. Here is a verifiable list of her populist positions based on actions and statements from many years past, including in the senate:

Pushed for SCHIP
- Early childhood education
- Expansion of the earned income credit
- Expansion of CPSF
- Spoken out about outrageous CEO compensation
- Wants decrease in corporate welfare
- Against corps using bankruptcy to do away with pension responsibilities
- Support for universal healthcare
- Wants repeal of corporate subsidies for companies moving US jobs offshore
- Criticized "corporate elite" for treating workers as "invisible"
- Against school vouchers
- Voted against CAFTA / opposed NAFTA even though she wasn't a senator yet (gets a 17% rating by right wing group CATO on free trade)
- Supports constitutional amendment against Citizen's United
- Supports same day voter registration
- Supports increase in the minimum wage - has repeatedly stated the working poor deserve a living wage
- Supports unions
- No SS privatization - rejects COLA adjustments that screw seniors
- Pushed for unemployment insurance extensions
- Voted no on raising estate tax exemption from $1 mil to $5 mil
- Rated 80% by CTJ in supporting progressive taxation

Perhaps you didn't fully read the article

She pressed for Asian countries to open their doors to US based companies. That creates jobs here (and is a populist thing to do). She has made numerous comments on currency manipulation in the Asian markets, even when she was in the Senate. That seems to be her main interest in the TPP. Further opening markets to US businesses is one of the State departments prime responsibilities.

Now I will say I am against the TPP, BUT the idea is that it would create more enforceable rules around currency manipulation that is currently occurring in Asian markets. Currency manipulation distorts trade flows by artificially lowering the cost of U.S. imports and raising the cost of U.S. exports, and that causes trade deficits and lost jobs in the country or countries that do not manipulate the currency.

If I thought they would actually enforce sections of any trade agreement that would stop this currency manipulation, I might be more inclined to be supportive as a voter. But as for HRC, she has been very consistent on the issue of currency manipulation and how it hurts American workers. The TPP is going to sail without or without US involvement. If the US can genuinely impact it to decrease the trade deficit that would be a good thing. But reasonable people can disagree on whether there is more good than bad to be had with US participation.

I think if you understood the issue better you would not be accusing HRC of being an oligarch. There is just nothing in her history that supports that kind of derision.

I'll play devil's advocate

Now I will say I am against the TPP, BUT the idea is that it would create more enforceable rules around currency manipulation that is currently occurring in Asian markets. Currency manipulation distorts trade flows by artificially lowering the cost of U.S. imports and raising the cost of U.S. exports, and that causes trade deficits and lost jobs in the country or countries that do not manipulate the currency.

If I thought they would actually enforce sections of any trade agreement that would stop this currency manipulation, I might be more inclined to be supportive as a voter. But I THINK that is one of the places Obama is coming from on the issue.

I really wish we could jettison the "it's secret" bullshit and actually have a public debate about this by our politicians. Enough is known to have that debate.

Small business - tax picture 2014 - 401k yea!!!

As discussed in a previous thread about "hating" rich people, I pay a lot of taxes. I take the concept of paying a lot of taxes as a compliment and a blessing. I grew up poor. Struggled through college working my ass off and getting low cost student loans and pell grants by the grace of democratic policies.

Reagan was elected in my last 2 years of college (which took 3 years because of stopping and starting due to finances). Fucked me up totally, financially, and made me a Democrat for life (53 now). That's when I learned that republicans were greedy, self centered, and had no clue about investing in future generations that would grow and keep our economy strong. Short sighted Idiots.

Got my degree, worked for the system, learned the skills. Fast forward to 1999. I saved up, started a business in B2B consulting (healthcare sector). Lean times. Health insurance would have been nice. Thanks, Obama, that new entrepreneurs can have that now. Bravo.

I was hanging in there - doing okay. Then Obama gets elected. I won't lie, he wasn't my first choice. But damn, we were in the shits. He pulled us out. All of the sudden lots of unemployed people on the street - smart people, but no college degrees. I expanded in 2009. Honestly I only expanded to a new business because I thought people are hurting, and I can train and give jobs. I didn't really expect to make much off it. It made me nervous as hell to have 20 plus people depending on me to pay their paychecks every 2 weeks.

But good jobs. 2.5 to 3 times WA state minimum wage. Plus some lucrative manager salaries. 29 days PTO. 100% employer paid health, dental, vision, life insurance, plus quarterly bonuses. I'm feeling good. And yes, making more money since 2009.

Talked to my accountant yesterday. I'm paying 31% of profit in federal taxes this year. That doesn't include any other taxes I pay, which are numerous and put me well over 50% of gross. So I say, how come Mitt only paid 11%? He says well you don't have those kind of tax shelters available to you. No small biz does.

I say do I have any that would benefit all of us? (Meaning my workplace family). He says what about a 401k with employer match? I say right on brother! It's my small biz dream come true. I'm finally successful enough to offer it. I won't save any real money, but more will go to my employees instead of to the department of defense.

This is a very happy day for me. One of the happiest ever besides my marriage and birth of my son. It's definitely the pinnacle of my biz career. Mission accomplished!

P.S. I know this is long. Thanks if you read it. I'm just so happy!

Thanks - I'm not really new

Or maybe I am. Been here since 2001 (the beginning) and have read here everyday. Thousands of posts, but some Kerry supporter MIRT moderator tombstoned me back in 2005 because I had the temerity to say, 6 months after the election, that Kerry ran a bad campaign in 2004 because he wouldn't stick up for his military record and got swiftboated. I was suggesting we nominate someone with a stronger spine next time if we wanted to win.

I took advantage of the recent amnesty that allowed me to sign back up.

Okay this is my area of expertise....

And the issue is obscene. This chart doesn't even begin to describe the fraud these for profit health insurance companies have perpetrated on the American public. The bush prescription drug bill increased the cost of Medicare (your tax dollars and mine) by 38% - but what they never told you was that 350 billion was set aside for these for profit insurance companies.

It's late and I could go on for days about this. But yes, truly WTF.

Same old me

I signed up in 2001 and got tombstoned in 2004 for correctly opining that Kerry ran a terrible campaign for president months after he lost. Must have been a huge Kerry supporter on moderator duty that evening.

Apparently it's now okay to restart your old log in so I did. It shows I've been a member since 2001, but apparently my post count (with many thousand posts) was zeroed out.

How I found out the Bushies were lying about Iraq (before the war)

I have an interesting story to tell about how I found out the Bush administration was lying about the Iraq war a full year before it started. It's been 12 years so I may have forgotten a few of the minor details, but the overall experience is still vivid in my mind, and so I will tell it now because I think some of you may enjoy it.

(Full disclosure: I signed up for DU right when it started back in 2001. I got banned in 2004 after the election. I think it was because I said something unfavorable about John Kerry's campaign, but I don't know for sure. I just woke up the next day and logged in to find out I was banned. I wrote to the admins to ask why, but never received a response. I'm back now because apparently there was some sort of amnesty and old members can now reactivate their old account. So I did).

Okay, here's the story. Back in 2002 my spouse worked for a national news network. Not in the news department, but as a manager in operations for their web site. Ops employees would have exposure to some of the journalists but they didn't hob nob with them much. However, in Feb 2002 one of them did sit down with 5 or 6 of the ops management types (my spouse being one) and the discussion that ensued was fascinating. My spouse, knowing what a political junkie I am immediately wrote down the bullet points after the discussion was over so as to share them with me later.

The journalist in question is very famous. I won't disclose her name here, but suffice to say if I named her every one of you would recognize the name -- no Google required. She also, through familial relations, has very close ties to republicans (although I did not/ do not have the impression that she is on either the liberal or conservative team). I mention this to point out that I thought her information was solid because my assumption is that her familial relationships gave her good inside access. And she turned out to be exactly right later on, so there is that as well.

Here is what she said in Feb 2002:

- She said that we were definitely going to invade Iraq - no ifs, ands, or buts. She said the Bush administration would roll it out to the public in August. She was off by 1 month. She said the delay was for planning purposes, and apparently they'd used a lot of munitions in Afghanistan and needed to rebuild stores of missiles, etc. Nothing was mentioned about WMD. At the time it was about supposed ties to Al Qaeda.

- She said Cheney was indeed essentially running things at that point. If I recall correctly she called him the Shadow President.

- She said that the Bush administration made it very clear that journalists who wrote/reported negative stories about them would be cut off from access, and that this could ruin a journalists career.

- She also stated that some journalists had considered taking out a full page ad in the NYT about this access issue that would occur if negative stories about the Bushies were reported, but nothing had come of it, again, because it would lead to career suicide.

- Separate from this conversation, the person in charge of network news for this organization sent out a company wide email telling everyone that not supporting the administration was unpatriotic. I cannot remember the exact words in the email, but that was definitely the gist of it. I actually read the email myself (my spouse shared it with me).

So, the bottom line is that in all through the fall of 2002 when Bush was saying he had not made up his mind about invading Iraq -- that he was only asking for authorization from congress in case inspections failed, I knew he was lying his ass off (based on the information I heard in Feb 2002). And when the Downing Street Memo was released much later, stating that the Bush administration was fixing the facts around the policy that made perfect sense to me. There was no doubt in my mind, even before the memo was revealed, that was exactly what was done.

I don't know if other journalists had the same information as the person my spouse spoke with, but I know she did not speak out when Bush was claiming he had not made a decision about invading Iraq in the fall of 2002. Maybe she had no proof that was good enough for news reporting. Maybe she couldn't betray the familial relationships she had. I don't know. But I do know she was right. The Bush administration was determined to invade Iraq, come hell or high water.

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