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Seems like we have reached a tipping point

Not that smearing Hillary here 24/7 was ever going to impact the election, but with all the super delegate endorsements, huge union endorsements, and polls of IA, NH, and most especially the super Tuesday states pointing to Hillary as our nominee, it seems clear there is no purpose to the smearing.

You're not changing anyone's mind. You're not helping your candidate. You're not hurting the person you are smearing with voters. It's just arguing.

Maybe I am missing something. Let me know if I am. But there seems to be nothing to gain by continuing to smear her 24/7. Especially since now that we are apparently recycling the same old smears for the 5th, 6th, even 10th time at this point.

In the immortal words of Rodney King, can't we all just get along. LOL! But seriously, how about we knock off the smears? Just thought I would ask.

I don't trust Bernie

Now I am not saying he is lying about anything (although he may be playing some folks). But in my judgement he is simply unreliable on several issues that are very important to me.

- Racial justice versus social justice: I watched Bernieís reaction to BLM at Netroots and in Seattle and HIS OWN campaignís video from SC. In SC people told him the police give petty tickets to PoC and then arrest them if they cannot pay the fines. And he had said in that video that he had ďno ideaĒ that was going on.

How is he unaware of that? I knew that. Hillary knew that. Didnít most of us know that, even before the DOJ Ferguson report? He is not paying attention, and clearly did not read the Ferguson report. Perhaps he did not read it because itís simply not an issue he cares about. Iím white, but that is a deal breaker for me! Period.

- Womenís issues: Again, he just doesnít seem interested beyond the bare minimum. He doesnít talk about these issues near enough for me. And I have a hard time getting over the fact that he truly seemed to believe, at some point in his life, that woman fantasize about being raped.

- Guns: I donít think I really need to explain this one. He has voted with the NRA far too many times for my tastes. I donít trust that if he were elected he would make any effort to pass any gun control legislation.

- Foreign Policy / Terrorism: Again, he just seems out of his element on this issue, in the debate last night and in the last one as well (where he did even worse than last night). His idea on how to deal with Russia, China, and ISIS sound so naÔve to me. And climate change is our biggest security threat? Wha? Sure, climate change is a significant issue, but weíll all be dead before it becomes a ďsecurity threat.Ē I just canít trust Bernie on FP.

- Wall Street: I think he is wrong about Glass Steagall (and yes, Warren, too Ė although I generally like her). I came to this conclusion long before Hillary stated it would not have prevented the melt down. I think she is exactly correct, and I was glad she had the guts to say so. Especially given that the popular thing would have been to go along with the crowd on that.

Iím a few years from retirement, and worked my ass off to save for it. I do not want Bernie messing with banks to no purpose. And I think Hillaryís plan would be more effective, and not put my retirement at risk. I just think Bernie is extreme on the banking issue. So I donít trust his leadership on the issue.

- LGBT issues: This one is personal for me, and an area where I know he is revising history on his record. I was there. He did not do anything to help us gain marriage rights. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. He exhibited the same disinterest, and stateís rights argument they all did. And I was more than pleased to see the media finally point that out. It bugs the shit out of me that he would pretend to be some champion on an issue when that is definitely not true. I certainly canít trust him on that issue.

Just donít trust the guy. Bottom line.
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