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Exactly and I find it sexist as hell

Of course I got an FFR for saying that last week, but here is the deal. I am a female business owner, and I started my career in a man's business IN THE SOUTH no less. I am 56 years old and had my fricking head patted by men for decades. I recognize this shit when I see it. And so do my sisters in political activism. This is not controversial in the real world of sentient human beings who are politically active.

And you can tell me all damn day that it has nothing to do with Clinton being an accomplished female (much more accomplished than Bernie by the way) and Bernie being an older white male from a generation that is accustomed to women being second class citizens. But all you need to do is talk to other women he has run against, or even check out the youtube of him pushing his wife out of the way, or examine some of his earlier essays about rape and the idea that women get cancer if they don't put out enough to know the real truth here.

And I think I am allowed to have that opinion. So whatever. I am tired of watching him smear one of the most accomplished Democrats in my lifetime. I think it's Democratic Underground and I have a RIGHT to defend her from his smears.

Since you asked.....

I do not buy into this meme that all of these ideas are his. She has had held out most of these issues for a very long time, AND her policy proposals are much more detailed than his, and frankly more practical and likely to see the light of day in congress. Folks that can't admit that are the same people who will not accept that they voted the same way 93% of the time, or continue to insist she is republican light when that is just factually incorrect.

I also will not soon forgive him for spending a solid year trashing the Democratic party, claiming the system is rigged, and attacking the DNC. The party is the ONLY thing that stands between liberal people and the horrific damage the GOP has done and will do to this country. And the fact that he has convinced a generation of young people that Dems are crooks is pretty much unforgiveable in my opinion.

To potential jurors - I am simply answering the question Ken asked. I assume he did want an honest response.
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