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Gender: Male
Hometown: Puyallup, Washington
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 47,680

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I truly believe that we will all live in peace and brotherhood someday. And so that I don't lose my faith in humanity, I will live my life as if that day had already happened.

Journal Archives

I just received this note from Will horse-post from Stratford:

My dearest Rob't o'th' Subterranean Advocates of Self Rool, greeting:

How art my lad? Art well? Your loving & obn't friend & sarvant, Will Sheackspere, is well & fine at home with Annum, my loyal huzzif, and the little ones, Susannah and the twins. Sweetly have I byded the tyme here, bearing no regrets for the hours and days, &c, &c, away from London and the Globe. 'Tis restful indeed. But O! Have I missed thee and your loyalest followers. I wish to eckspress my desire to return to our prior business in perhaps a fortnight. So much news there is on the wind, and across the land, &c. &c, that right it is we take up our pens again and sally forthwith. Agreed? My investments have done well here, and I return with a full purse, the better for to fete my dearest friend and his friends. And thus as friend to friend, we sustain that friendliest regard which has o'erseen our endeavours. Good Robin, take all my thanks for your tender care these days and weeks, &c. &c. and tell th'Self-Roolers I kiss my hand at them a thousand times! And for you most especially, my tenderest embrace, good fellow.

In a fortnight then.

Farewell, and soon well met,

Your obn't srvt, Wm Shaxpr, gent.
New Place

So Will is coming back in about two weeks! We will resume William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day at that time!

Slow day in clinic. Ask me anything.

If I don't answer right away, it means things got busy.

Happy Tuesday, everybody...

Happy Birthday to America!

A nation founded by the Puritans. Who gave us The Puritan Work Ethic. Which evidently means working until you drop dead, after which, some spoiled-rich idiot will stand over your body and condemn your memory for not working hard enough for HIS wealth. Not that the Puritans didn't appreciate the importance of leisure time. Which apparently, they spent hanging housewives whose chickens laid funny-looking eggs, and listening to sermons like Jonathan Edwards' "Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God", which reads like 'World War Z', only without Brad Pitt and the cute Israeli soldier.

Fun times!

I've got to have a 'conversation' with a patient tomorrow. It looks like she's got ovarian cancer.

I've already put in a referral to gynecologic oncology, and there is some follow up imaging to do. But I'm not looking forward to breaking the news to her.

Vibes for her, and for our visit tomorrow, please.

Any word if a test-case is going to be initiated re: ACA coverage for Viagra and vasectomies?

There has to be a progressive, wealthy business-owner out there somewhere interested in challenging the SCOTUS over the Hobby Lobby fiasco.

Put the Felonious Five on their guard. Make them come right out and say 'Yes for men; no for women.'

So some business owner can make a public statement regarding their henceforth refusal to cover Viagra, vasectomies, or any of a number of men's health issues.

How much of case law is decided by test cases such as the one I just described?

Anybody still up?

I'd kinda like to hang out for a while, if anyone is...

Good morning, Loungers!

How is everyone today?

First trailer for Brad Pitt's WWII tank film, "Fury":

SO looking forward to this movie. Hollywood rarely gets tank operations right, but as an ex-tanker, I have hope for this film.

Cross-posted in the Lounge.

First trailer for Brad Pitt's WWII tank film, "Fury":

SO looking forward to this movie. Hollywood rarely gets tank operations right, but as an ex-tanker, I have hope for this film.

Cross-posted in the Movies Forum.

Anybody know why the Army ditched the green Class-A's?

When I see soldiers, they're either in those hideously ugly ADU's (or whatever they're called) or dress blues.

I thought that Class-A greens, and the service Class-B uniforms were terrific.
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