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Maybe it's just Republican-run businesses that have trouble competing

My father-in-law used to talk about Germany, and he would say that the attitude of people there is: "This is the way business is done here. If you can't work with that, then don't go into business."

I've been thinking about that more and more lately. Every time I hear a Republican complain about how we have to change our country (or state, or city) to make it business friendly, I think about it. Maybe these complainers are people who shouldn't be in business in the first place. Maybe it's good for them to go out of business.

Why don't we turn the tables on the complainers and ask them why they need the bar lowered to succeed? Maybe they just aren't cut out for their jobs. We shouldn't be propping them up by giving them tax breaks, lowering our pollution standards, and giving them special treatment.

Republican business people (not all of them, just the whiners) should be allowed to fail on their own lack of merit. The country should not give them any breaks at all, no matter how much they beg and cry. It isn't right that Liberal- and Moderate-led businesses who follow the rules and want to do what is right for the country have to compete with Republican-led businesses headed by propped-up, substandard whiners.
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