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gulliver's Journal
gulliver's Journal
December 27, 2012

Your post is complete nonsense.

You seem to have heard someone make an argument that "passing stringent anti-firearm laws will persuade the law breakers to turn in their weapons" and that there are serious (non-fringe) calls for "abolishing the 2nd amendment." By itself this says that your bullshit and reality detectors are miscalibrated...or you think ours are.

You confuse yourself by not separating normal gun owners from the flakes who have assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. You seem to believe these J. Random Numbskulls, law-abiding though they may be, actually counterbalance violent criminals in some meaningful way. But be serious. How can anyone possibly believe that? I'll need links to your fact base I'm afraid, because I can't remember a single case where any of these weapon flake bozos ever did anything but harm. School me though. Show me a weapon flake hero law enforcement benefit statistic.

Then where do you get the notion that the responsible citizens (gun owners and not) who don't own nut-level flake weapons are somehow "disarmed?" Far from it. Some of us have normal gun owner type guns. Some of us have dogs. But nearly all of us are protected by trained, well-armed professional police, and the country itself is protected by invincible levels of trained military forces. Your flake "good guys with guns" just get in the way. Your flakes make things worse. Your flakes actually create threats.

Say my house gets burglarized. I come home and find the door kicked in. Do you think I want my wide-eyed, sweaty neighbor from across the street to come running over with his AR-15 to shoot my cat (and probably himself and me)? Nope. I don't need your good guy. I'll take a cop, thanks.

Law-abiding flakes with ultra-powerful weapons and/or stockpiles of ammo are not "good guys." Law-abiding, permit-packing flakes who carry concealed weapons but face no realistic threats are not "good guys." They are just sad flakes ranging from eccentric to sick, and their hobby rates no protection whatsoever. The country is sick of them and, laws or not, it won't be long before these types can't get jobs or keep friends any more. Justifiably so and high time. It's just not funny any more.

I have no doubt that most are generally good people with a touch of eccentricity who don't see the connection between a burgeoning super-gun industry and a society choking on gun pollution. They don't see themselves as pathetic, knot-headed, or touched, but that is what they really are in real reality. And other people do know.

Your baseless assertion that gun flakes are good guys holds no water. They actually range from annoying nobodies to monsters and (intentional or through incompetence) monster weapon-suppliers. That being the case, and since you admit that these "good guys" are law-abiding, why not pass laws? Strangle the "soldier-of-fortune" assault weapon industry with laws. Industry obeys laws. Gun stores obey laws. Even gun shows obey laws. Pass the laws.

Then, for good measure, ostracize, expose, divorce, abandon, fire, and expel the people who continue to hold these weapons, regardless of their legality. You like assault weapons; we don't like you. Get a job somewhere else. That is the way it is heading, and that is a good thing. The last thing we need is for these poor weirdos to think the government is the only one "oppressing" them. They need to know that people no longer like or respect them. They aren't cool. They can shove their assault weapons.

Hunters, target shooters, and those who have legitimate self-defense concerns would actually gain respect if they didn't have soldier/cop wannabes, macho poseurs, fad-boys, and fetishists screwing things up for everyone. Wayne LaPierre can get a new job representing just the weirdos. He's a perfect fit.

Any grandfathered or hidden banned weapons that remain will be harder and harder for criminals to get as time goes by. And the warped monsters won't be able to get them from Walmart or on-line with a few mouse-clicks any more. While we can't make all of those weapons disappear overnight, I'll bet we can quickly make them much harder to get, much riskier, far less cool, and through scarcity, much, much more expensive.

December 23, 2012

Tolerance of "weapon flakes" is coming to an end.

The big turning point I see is that more and more people are starting to get a simple fact: people who possess assault weapons or carry concealed weapons are nearly always flakes. The cool factor is evaporating. Owning an AR-15, for example, or carrying a concealed weapon now means you and your family deserve to be suspected and shunned. If employers find out about it, you and your family deserve to be unemployed. You deserve to be divorced by your spouse. You deserve to have your children disown you. You deserve to be kicked out of your parents' house.

That's gun control.

People who own these weapons, these high-capacity magazines, this "special" ammunition...you are starting to be viewed more and more like the people who have kiddie porn. No one is buying your "defense of freedom" bullshit any more. No one thinks you are cool.

December 19, 2012

What about outing people who have flake weapons?

What if there were a place you could go to simply post the full name and other information about people with flake weapons, weapons caches, and so forth? Then employers could search for the names of prospective employees and rule out the ones who might be weapon flakes. Parents could find out if their kids were going to a home with a weapon flake in it. It might even help law enforcement identify criminals.

I'm thinking most of these people with AR-15s and AKs wouldn't want everyone to know about it. The impracticality of it would outweigh the cool pretty fast.

Here you go, Julian Assange.

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