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Two thirds of people let Mr. Hyde do the voting.

One problem I see in Dem arguments is that we forget to "argue from evil." That leaves a lot of what we say falling on deaf ears among independents and Republicans. If we want to convert some of their votes, we need to make our good policies appeal to Mr. Hyde. This is essentially the opposite of what the Republicans do.

For example, take global warming. You could argue that nearly all scientists believe it is happening. You could argue that protecting the planet's climate is good for the future well being of humanity. You could argue that solving the problem will prevent human suffering and damage to nature and so forth. That argument will work on the vast majority of Dems and progressives. But it will turn off Mr. Hyde.

Hyde is paranoid, selfish, and stupid. Remember, Jekyll is the one with the advanced degree and morals. Hyde is an idiot who thinks more or less like an animal.

To get Hyde to vote for doing something, you need to make the argument appeal to selfishness, xenophobia, stupidity, etc. For example, you could use the Seven Deadly Sins and couch your argument to maximize them.

  • Global warming may take the good climate from people who live on good real estate and redistribute it to people who don't deserve it
  • The wealthy are giving jobs to foreign countries where people of non-white races live. And those people are buying up all of the world's gasoline.
  • American kids aren't getting the educations they need to keep up the Baby Boomers' standard of living. Instead we are making more criminals and wards of the state.
  • Rich people are over-educated. They think they're smarter than the rest of us.

When it comes to the so-called "job creators" aren't Republicans basically just lickspittles?

The Republican message is basically about bending knee and bowing to the so-called job creators. Listen to every Republican politician. You can't miss it. They say it over and over again. They spread their message of American helplessness every chance they get.

Republicans act and talk like America has nothing of value to offer, no standing, and no dignity. We don't have a great work force and work ethic. We don't have fantastic, taxpayer- and worker-built infrastructure. We don't have the world's greatest market. We don't have a legal system and traditions envied the world over. Not if you ask Republicans. They never talk about those things.

Republicans act like America has nothing we don't get from the "job creators." We dare not offend. Republicans counsel abject beggary.

Oh, and they want to represent us.
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