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To all the Republicans who get laid off in the Sequester

How long are you going to keep doing this to yourself, Bunky? Mitt Romney gets to keep his special deductions. You are out of a job. And you voted for it.

Bunky, I'm very sorry. Republicans aren't fighting for democracy, freedom or virtue. That's just what they put on their T-shirts. Watch a few of them on TV now that you have lost your job. Watch Fox News carefully. You will see it.

Let this be a tipping point.

Why aren't the Republicans trying to repeal the Sequester?

The House Republicans cry about the Sequester and try to blame Obama for it, but they haven't tried to repeal it. That tells you everything you need to know. Republicans know a repeal would be signed by Obama. They think the American people are so stupid that they will blame Obama for something that he would gladly sign out of law.

If the Republicans don't try to repeal, we will know for sure that the Sequester is the Republicans' fault. We will know for sure that they really wanted it to happen.

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