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Persuading Mr. Hyde on Medicaid Expansion

Rick Perry is turning down billions in Medicaid Expansion money to score Republican political points. And once again, our Dem and Progressive advocates miss half of the argument. We keep giving the goody-goody, Dr. Jekyll arguments for everything, and we forget to target Mr. Hyde.

You can't say to the largely "conservative" (so they like to think of themselves) people of Texas that they should expand Medicaid to help poor kids in their state. That is exactly the opposite of what they really want to do deep down. The Republican sentiment is to let those poor kids go without care completely. Maybe if a few of them die from medical neglect in Texas their parents will move to some other state or "back to Mexico" or whatever. Kids dying on the sidewalk would be "sad" of course, but maybe it is the only way those people can be dealt with...

If, unlike the majority of Texans, you want to help poor kids, you can't do it by trying to guilt Republicans. Telling a Republican they are heartless only makes them feel better about themselves. Even Rick Perry knows that. No, to help those poor kids and their poor parents, you have to talk to Mr. Hyde in Mr. Hyde's language.

"Mr. Hyde, Texas should accept billions in Medicaid Expansion money. The downside of helping the poor and sick, is far outweighed by the upside, thousands of good-paying healthcare jobs for Texans. We aren't going to let those poor people die anyway (more's the pity), so we might as well take the jobs. Otherwise our federal tax dollars are going to end up going to create jobs in San Francisco. The poor, worthless people will stay (they always do), and a bunch of good doctor and nurse types will leave and go to San Fracisco to chase the jobs we handed over to the Commie states."

"Mr. Hyde, Rick Perry just thinks you are really stupid. He'll let you fork over tax dollars to the leftists, because he thinks he can play on your mean, nasty, stupid side. But Mr. Hyde, we all know you are really smart. You are way too smart to let Rick Perry take billions away from you just so he can get up there and make a fool of himself again in the next presidential primary. Take the money and move on. And let's dump Rick Perry. Sure he's a good guy. But he doesn't have the brains of a George W. Bush. You need a Tea Party version of George W. Bush."

"Mr. Old Hyde, I can't believe that Rick Perry is turning down Medicare (sic) Expansion money. Texas retirees earned that money. Why is Rick Perry turning it down? And your glasses are probably on the nightstand or by the TV."
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