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gulliver's Journal
gulliver's Journal
October 31, 2021

"Owning" Trump and his imitators

Defeating Trump and his dummy copycats involves "owning them." It's subtle, but there's a big difference between, say, getting your way in court against Trump and owning him. We need to do both.

October 30, 2021

It's a big shame we don't seem to use a common word for "non-breakthrough" infections.

We hear about "breakthrough infections" all the time, but there seems to be no category-identifying word in common use for the non-breakthrough kind. That's a terrible situation, imo. It fails to provide people with the two contrasting categories they need for side-by-side comparison.

I'd suggest settling on something like "unvaccinated infection" as a fair term for infections that aren't breaking through a vaccination. Then people can be asked which they'd rather have, an unvaccinated infection or a breakthrough vaccinated infection. To me that's a no-brainer.

Or what's the scientific term? I'd argue that "singling out" breakthrough infections from general infections is actually bad for public health. It fuels misinformation arguments.

October 22, 2021

Are we failing to note that Trump and Bannon are yellow?

Just asking. I mean, they've got these precious, "complicated" reasons they can't let the facts out or, in Bannon's case, face Congressional testimony. Hillary Clinton managed it, but Trump and Bannon know they can't equal her. Sure, they've got their reasons. It's complicated. They're not hiding behind their "mamas," the lawyers, and the media. That's just how it looks.

What a joke these two specimens are. I don't think "tough guys" (as they portray themselves) would cower and flee at the prospect of facing Congress. They'd stand up tall and walk right in. Trump and Bannon, therefore, aren't tough to anyone with the first clue about what tough is. They're nothing but over-mouthy, chickenshit wimps when you see them for what they really are. When push comes to shove and it's time to stand up for themselves, these two just scamper to their respective hidey holes and let others do their fighting for them.

October 9, 2021

Go Republican, young lowlife! Go Republican!

Have you committed crimes (or do you want to commit them)? Just "go Republican" and you're off the hook. No matter what you're accused of, no matter who you've screwed over or harmed, no matter how many lies you've told and will tell...you're welcome in the Republican Party. Any and all of your sins can be washed away with "the Democrats are out to get me." Every Republican will fall in line to back you up, no matter how rotten you are.

The Republican Party must be experiencing a record influx of vile people now, rushing to self-identify as "political" as camouflage for their rottenness. Trump himself is the model. Republicans will literally lie with anyone now (both meanings). Their standards are gone. The bad people have finally succeeded in making the Republican Party an all-inclusive hideout for bad people. Go Republican, young lowlife! You'll prosper there. You'll lead. You'll get on Fox News!

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