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gulliver's Journal
gulliver's Journal
December 31, 2021

Bullying the dog. Are the media attacks on Biden a form of displacement?

Is the media being balanced when it hounds and criticizes Biden or is it just placating its abusers, the Republicans and Trump?

Throughout four years of Trump, the legitimate media were bullied. They were called "enemies of the people." They were called "fake news." They were subjected to vicious threats from the Republican "jackal peanut gallery."

There's a psychological concept called "displacement." A guy's boss yells at him at work. Since he's afraid of his boss, he goes home and bullies the dog. Is that why the media are so "tough" on Biden? Objectively, Biden has accomplished a lot of good, so it makes little sense to me that he has been the subject of such relentlessly negative coverage. It makes little sense, unless it's really a way for the media to be fearful and cowardly while appearing (to themselves even) balanced and tough.

The media know that Biden and the rest on our side will treat them with respect. They know Trump and the Republicans will give them more threats and grief. So maybe they pick on the side they feel (in their fear) they can get away with picking on?

Just a theory.

One edit: Changed the classic metaphor a bit to make it more sensitive

December 19, 2021

Is Josh Hawley guilty of cultural appropriation when he speaks "on behalf of men?"

I'm a man and I frankly resent Josh Hawley considering himself one, much less taking it upon his wormy little self to be a spokesman for us.

December 11, 2021

The media and Republicans should be called on the "Afghanistan exit" whining

Which historical exit from an "endless war" was painless and orderly? Frankly, I can't think of an exit that went better than the Afghanistan exit. Syria? Vietnam? Tens of thousands of Afghani friends of the United States were safely evacuated. America is out of a war we were stuck in for twenty years. There's nothing good in that?

Seems to me that if we ask how we get stuck in twenty-year wars in the first place, we now have at least a partial answer. The media and Republicans can't seem to emotionally and intellectually process a successful exit from a war as such exits happen in earthly reality.

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