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Do the anti-vaxxers really worry about discrimination?

Maybe they should. Do they really think Republican politicians are going to be able to "protect" them with laws? Sure, some Republican politician bigmouth says it's Ok for you to go into a bar or other business unvaccinated and, what, you're Ok? What about all of your job opportunities going forward? Do you think you're not going to pay in some way eventually? No one's gonna remember your stupid little stand?

The Republican politician panders to you to get your vote as a "free" anti-vaxxer. Hallelujah! That's great for them. But they've done you no favors, my poor trusting friend. You're screwed, but your Republican "buddies" get a cushy political office where they don't have to do much—if any—work for life. What do you get? You get COVID probably, but that's nothing. You also get people looking down on you, shunning you, forgetting to invite you to parties for the rest of your life, and you don't know why (because they don't tell you).

You could have just gotten the vaccine. A couple of shots! (Wow, so tough.) But congratulations, you resisted. And, now, you're a hero crusader sacrificing yourself and your family to benefit a bunch of cynical, opportunistic Republican moron politicians (who think of you as the true moron). You've stuck your neck out...for nothing...for the rest of your life. Dumbest political stance ever taken, and the Republicans goaded your silly ass into taking it. A year from now, you forget how "brave" (stupid) you were, but everyone else remembers you're an idiot.

What about a ten-thousand-dollar bonus to every healthcare worker?

To be paid by immediately increasing the health insurance bill of anyone who isn't vaccinated. I'm just trying to think of a way that Republicans won't get away with burdening and harming our healthcare workers. I think a ten-thousand-dollar bonus to every one of them every time a surge happens would be just compensation. Spend a week in Tahiti with your family, courtesy of Republican anti-vaxxers.

Firing into the air is deadly for one thing.

The bullet that comes back down at its escape velocity can easily pierce someone's skull. The deceased was an idiot at best (assuming he really was firing into the air).

It's easy to say you should give a warning to someone currently firing an AR-15 when you're on the other side of a fence from them. That doesn't sound easy to actually do though. It really depends on the cop knowing the guy was firing into the air which, although deadly dangerous to innocents, might allow for a "Hey Stupid, put down the gun right now!" Unfortunately, the cop would have to wonder if the next shots were coming through the fence at him or going into a civilian on the other side of the fence.

The story doesn't say why the cops were there in the first place. Did they just happen to be walking by the fence when they heard gunshots coming from the other side? Was there some kind of threat? Were the cops called on the house?

I need more info on this one.
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