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The Most Consequential Midterm Election EVER! The Republic itself is at stake!

And the only hope for "saving" the shambles of our collapsing Republic is to decisively demonstrate to the Republican party that there is no path to "victory" that involves cooperating with Trump in the destruction of our fragile and imperfect institutions and the trampling of our precarious norms. Democrats MUST win and win decisively the midterm elections. If they do not, if the Republicans retain their hold on unified power, especially in the face of all that has happened, you can kiss even the shambles of the Republic good-bye. There has perhaps never been a higher stake midterm election cycle than this one. Anyone who sits this midterm out is part of the problem not part of the solution or at best mere bystanders rather than active participants in the unfolding of American history. We cannot afford bystanderism now. We cannot afford yet another midterm election that is mostly greeted with a yawn, as our midterms typically are, by the masses of Americans.
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