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Dishing up lies while proclaiming the love of facts, Trump and Sarah Sanders gaslight America

President Trump’s assault on truth — and would-be truthtellers — has hit a new low.

It may not seem possible, considering that this is a president who has misled or lied to the public thousands of times.

But consider what happened in a White House news briefing Wednesday afternoon. Then consider this week’s rushed and restricted FBI investigation of Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh. And, finally, consider the administration’s response to the New York Times’s groundbreaking investigation of Trump family finances that was published this week.

There can be no doubt: We’re in a whole new phase of the Orwellian nightmare in which black is called white, and you’d better not dare object to that.


'Miserable' father used homemade bomb in Allentown car explosion to kill son, friend

Source: NBC News

The deadly car explosion in Allentown, Pennsylvania on Saturday that killed three people, including a toddler, was a targeted murder-suicide by a depressed father, authorities said early Thursday.

Jacob Schmoyer killed his 2-year-old son, Jonathan and friend David Halman, 66, when he used a homemade explosive device inside his car on Saturday. A spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ said in a press conference that Schmoyer sent letters to the Allentown Police Department outlining his plans to kill both Halman and his son.

The Allentown Police Department first received a letter from Schmoyer, 26, on Tuesday, after the explosion and then received another three the following day. Robinson told reporters Thursday Schmoyer's letters outlined the materials and construction of the device he intended to use as well as his decision to kill Halman and his son.

"He was miserable. Basically, the four letters describe a miserable life, he was unhappy himself," Don Robinson, the special agent in charge at the ATF Philadelphia field division told reporters Thursday. "I don't know if shame is too strong of a word because of what he did later, but he admitted to a lot of criminal acts, he didn't think it was going to get any better. There was a lot of hatred there, and obviously, some directed at Mr. Halman and his son."

Read more: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/miserable-father-used-homemade-bomb-allentown-car-explosion-kill-son-n916686

What an asshole.

Mike Levin easy pick for 49th House seat

California’s 49th Congressional District, covering the northwest corner of San Diego County and the southern swath of Orange County, is one of the nation’s most closely watched House races. The decision of incumbent Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Vista, to not seek re-election led to a wild free-for-all of a primary with 16 candidates. The two who advanced — Democratic environmental lawyer Mike Levin and Republican state Board of Equalization member Diane Harkey, both from Orange County — offered sharp contrasts in interviews with The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board.

Levin was better on several big issues — including gun violence prevention, nuclear waste storage and his dissection of how President Donald Trump encouraged intolerance and Republican recklessness on the environment. Voters can have hope that Levin would grow into the job.

But we are concerned about his approach to the immense national debt that is on track to triple the amount that is spent just to pay for debt service over the next decade. Not only do the Republicans who used to be budget hawks not care about this emerging disaster, Democrats like Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii say that if the GOP can blithely run trillion-dollar deficits, why shouldn’t Democrats be similarly blithe when they control Washington and pursue goals like Medicare for all and free college? America desperately needs sane moderates who want to put away the national credit cards.

In his interview, Levin said he was “deeply concerned” about the deficit but then went on to say that not only did he oppose raising the retirement age for Social Security — an easy, relatively painless fix given the improved health of those in their late 60s — he called for “strengthening,” i.e. increasing, these benefits. He said upping the income on which Social Security taxes are paid to more than $250,000 — it’s now $128,400 — “would go a long way towards shoring up Social Security for decades.” That’s just not true. America is on track to have two people working for every one person on Social Security. Something’s got to give. There are no easy answers.


The San Diego Union-Tribune has now strongly endorsed both local Democratic candidates in the 49th (Issa's district) and the 50th (Hunter's district). The is a refreshing turn of events, after it being rabidly pro-Republican for decades. There is a new owner, so that may be a key reason why the change in tone.

Tesla's Model 3 Is Becoming One of America's Best-Selling Sedans

Source: Bloomberg News

First it was America’s best-selling electric car. Then it became the best-selling luxury car. Now, against the odds, Tesla Inc.’s Model 3 is becoming one of the best-selling sedans in America, period.

Automakers on Tuesday reported monthly and quarterly sales totals. For the three months that ended in September, Tesla delivered more Model 3s than all but four of the top sedans sold in the U.S., regardless of size or price.

It’s an imperfect ranking because Tesla didn’t break out sales by country, and the Model 3 tally included some deliveries to customers in Canada. And the climb comes at a time when Americans prefer crossovers, SUVs and trucks by an ever-wider margin. Nonetheless, the third-quarter showing was unprecedented for an electric car and a remarkable turnabout for Tesla, which struggled for much of the last year to mass-produce the sedan.

Tesla’s competitors are feeling it. Sales of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the best-selling luxury sedan in the U.S., plunged 24 percent last month and are down 28 percent for the year through September.

Read more: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-10-03/tesla-s-model-3-is-becoming-one-of-america-s-best-selling-sedans

Altercation inside KPBS studio leads to restraining order

An employee at KPBS, the San Diego member station for the national Public Broadcasting System, sought a temporary restraining order against a coworker and his family members — including an appellate court judge — saying he fears for his safety after being attacked at work.

Kevin Schrader, a senior engineering manager, told a Superior Court judge in El Cajon that he was assaulted last month at the KPBS facility on the San Diego State University campus.

The request was filed against longtime KPBS studio technician Donald Benke, his adult son, Peter Benke, and his wife, Judge Patricia D. Benke, an associate justice on the Fourth District Court of Appeal in San Diego.

“This person attacked me and I want to protect my family,” Schrader wrote in his request for the stay-away order, dated Sept. 11. “He is the son of a coworker who attacked me at work.”


Trumpsters sure are sensitive about even the hint of any criticism of their adored leader.

Mark Judge Can't Believe That Lightweight Kavanaugh Got 'Boofing' And 'The Devil's Triangle' Wrong

BETHANY BEACH, DE—Shaking his head in frustration as he read about the testimony given by his old high school friend to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Mark Judge reportedly confirmed Friday that he couldn’t believe that fucking lightweight Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh got the meanings of “boofing” and “the Devil’s Triangle” wrong.

“Seriously, that’s just fucking despicable, and there’s no way that little bitch should be anywhere near the Supreme Court,” said a visibly pissed-off Judge, adding that he couldn’t fathom handing over a lifetime appointment to America’s highest judicial body to “some candy-ass dipshit” who couldn’t remember important things like the fact that everyone knows the Devil’s Triangle “is not some dumb drinking game—it’s a fuckin’ threesome with two dudes on one chick. It’s awesome.”

“Jesus Christ, I’ve never been so disappointed in someone. I mean, I knew Brett was a puker, but I simply can’t accept the possibility that he blacked out from drinking ’skis so many times that he forgot that boofing is taking beer up the ass. He said it’s about farting? Come the fuck on, dude—we used to boof all the time! Man, all of America was watching, and he totally pussied out. Honestly, I’m ashamed to say I was his friend.”

Judge added that he hoped that further investigations into Kavanaugh could allow the nominee to prove his truthfulness by vouching for the time they were in a threesome at a party and their dicks accidentally touched.

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