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Gender: Male
Hometown: America's Finest City
Current location: District 50
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 13,366

Journal Archives

Anti-Muslim Display Gets Tempers Flaring Around W.Va. House; Leads to Resignation, Injury

Source: West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Anti-Muslim sentiments seen just outside of the West Virginia House of Delegates Friday caused an explosive day in and around the chamber, which led to the resignation of a staff member, an injury and possible disciplinary action against a Democratic member.

A display in the rotunda during “WV GOP Day” sparked a day’s worth of controversy in which the chamber’s Sergeant at Arms submitted a letter of resignation. House Republican leaders say the reaction to that display and other comments led also to a doorkeeper being injured when a Democratic member kicked open the doors to the chamber.

The West Virginia Republican Party and other organizations had set up displays as part of the scheduled activities around the Capitol. One group had an exhibit that included a poster depicting a meme with two photos.

The top photo showed planes crashing into the Twin Towers in New York City on September 11, 2001 with the text “‘Never Forget’ - You Said.” Below that photo was a photo of U.S. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, D- Minn and text “I Am Proof - You Have Forgotten.”

Read more: http://www.wvpublic.org/post/anti-muslim-display-gets-tempers-flaring-around-wva-house-leads-resignation-injury

Republicans never stop being assholes.

Trump Storms Out of McDonald's After Failing to Close Six-Dollar Meal Deal

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Capping a singularly disastrous week for the Commander-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump stormed out of a Washington, D.C., McDonald’s restaurant on Friday after failing to close a six-dollar Meal Deal at the establishment.

At approximately 12:30 p.m., Trump took a break from his designated “executive time” to travel to the nearby McDonald’s, where he placed an order for a Meal Deal consisting of a Quarter Pounder with cheese, fries, Coke, and an apple pie.

Tracy Klugian, the McDonald’s employee who took Trump’s order, said that he was aware of Trump’s difficulty in closing deals and therefore hiked the price of the Meal Deal to twelve dollars.

“I really thought he would drive a harder bargain, what with ‘The Art of the Deal’ and all,” the McDonald’s staffer said. “I was kind of surprised when he just bailed.”

With the McDonald’s deal in tatters, one White House aide acknowledged that Trump “really needs a win right now,” and that he was en route to Arby’s.


Trump asks China to remove tariffs on US farm products

Source: APNews.com

President Donald Trump says he has asked China to remove its tariffs on U.S. farm products such as pork and beef.

Trump tweets that removing the tariffs “is very important for our great farmers - and me!”

In July, the Trump administration gradually began slapping import taxes on Chinese goods to pressure Beijing into changing policies that hobble foreign competition and threaten U.S. technology.

Trump doesn’t mention that the Chinese-imposed tariffs are in retaliation for the actions he took.

Read more: https://apnews.com/c1f6d1d6b3ff47188453a6bab6eb4d44

It's always gotta be about him.

Alan Dershowitz suggests curbing press access to hearing on Jeffrey Epstein sex abuse

Source: Miami Herald

A court hearing on whether to unseal sensitive documents involving the alleged sex trafficking of underage girls by Palm Beach multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein — and the possible involvement of his influential friends — will play out in a New York City courtroom next week.

But it may happen behind closed doors, with the news media and public barred — at least in part.

An attorney for lawyer Alan Dershowitz wrote a letter to the U.S. District Court Second Circuit of Appeals on Tuesday, asking whether the media should be excluded from the proceeding because his oral arguments on behalf of his client could contain sensitive information that has been under seal.

The appeals court had not responded to his concern as of Friday, but if the hearing is closed during his lawyer’s argument, it would represent the latest in a long history of successful efforts to keep details of Epstein’s sex crimes sealed.

Read more: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/state/florida/article226922729.html

Cohen Testimony Leaves Kim Jong Un Doubting Whether Trump Can Be Trusted

HANOI (The Borowitz Report)—The testimony of the former Trump lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, has left the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, concerned that Donald J. Trump “cannot be trusted,” sources close to Kim revealed on Wednesday.

Kim reportedly was glued to his television as Cohen’s testimony was beamed live to Hanoi, and his “jaw dropped” at the lawyer’s revelations about Trump’s mendacity and unethical business practices, according to the sources.

“Dear Leader became increasingly alarmed about the picture Cohen was painting of Trump,” one source said. “At one point, he turned to the rest of us and said, ‘What kind of lowlife am I dealing with?’ ”

According to the source, Kim was also disturbed by what he saw as the “stunningly disingenuous and unsavory” behavior by some of Cohen’s interrogators on the congressional panel.

“That Jim Jordan seems like a real dick,” Kim reportedly said.


Tesla finally launches $35,000 Model 3, and moves all sales online

Source: Marketwatch

Tesla Inc. may have made good on its long-standing promise to offer a Model 3 for $35,000, but its stock fell late Thursday as Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said the Silicon Valley car maker is likely to report a loss in the first quarter.

Tesla said Thursday its cheaper Model 3 version will have a shorter driving range and new interior options, and its website shows it available in the U.S. in as little as two weeks. After tax credits and gas savings, Tesla says the car costs about $24,450.

The lower price and the new online-only ordering system also announced Thursday “should substantially widen the Model 3’s appeal,” said Karl Brauer, an analyst with Kelley Blue Book.

“Tesla’s biggest challenge going forward will be meeting production volumes and demand while maintaining timely service for a rapidly-expanding customer fleet,” he said. “If Tesla can do this, it will have successfully transitioned from a boutique auto maker with a niche audience to a mainstream brand serving mainstream consumers.”

Read more: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/tesla-launches-35000-shorter-range-model-3-2019-02-28

This should attract some attention.
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