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Tesla's Model 3 sedan gets over 325,000 reservations

Source: Reuters

Electric car maker Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) said on Thursday it had received more than 325,000 orders for its new Model 3 sedan in the first week of bookings.

The reservations, which can be made by paying a refundable deposit of $1,000 (£710.8), correspond to about $14 billion (£9.95 billion) in implied future sales, the company said.

There is, however, no certainty that Tesla would be able to convert all its orders into sales as many of those could be cancelled.

The orders for Model 3, Tesla's first mass-market car which will sell at an average price of $42,000, are "very positive" and reflect tremendous enthusiasm for the car, analysts said.

Read more: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/teslas-model-3-sedan-gets-172644332.html

This is a pretty phenomenal response.

Maduro asks Venezuela high court to scrap opposition amnesty

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Thursday he would ask the Supreme Court to strike down an amnesty law passed by opposition lawmakers to free those they describe as political prisoners.

The leftist leader, who is fighting off the ascendant opposition's bid to force him from power, told a crowd of thousands of red-clad supporters he had decided to ask the court to invalidate the "criminal" amnesty bill.

Maduro accused the opposition of trying to sow divisions by passing the bill, in a nationally televised speech punctuated by shouts of "Justice!" from supporters outside the presidential palace.

"If this law is approved, Venezuela will enter into a cycle of civil war. We cannot allow it. Division and hatred will not reign in Venezuela. For there to be peace, there must be justice," Maduro said.


Trump Says He Will Sue Everyone in Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE (The Borowitz Report)—In a sharply worded post-election threat on Tuesday night, the Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump said that he intended to sue the entire population of Wisconsin “for everything it’s worth.”

In his terse remarks, Trump departed from the customs of political concession speeches by failing to congratulate the evening’s winner or thank his supporters, instead sternly warning the people of Wisconsin to “lawyer up.”

“By the time my attorneys are through with you, I’m going to own your entire state, lock, stock, and barrel,” he said. “Not that I want to own it. Wisconsin is a freaking dump.”

In announcing the lawsuit, which he said he would make the state of Wisconsin pay for, Trump denied that he was being a poor loser. “I am a fabulous loser,” he said. “I am the biggest loser in this country.”


Hillary holds her own with the 99%

Hillary Clinton is a tool of Wall Street, the lickspittle of the 1%.

That, or something like it, is what’s coming from the most ardent supporters of her opponent for the Democratic presidential nomination. Bernie Sanders, they say, is a man of the people, an economic populist who can save us all from the prevailing neoliberal order that has propped up the rich and failed the rest.

But that could be the opposite of the truth. According to exit polling, a majority of working-class voters in battleground states prefer Clinton. Sanders' call for revolution, moreover, appears most appealing to those with the power and resources to withstand radical change — those with college degrees and good jobs.

These are people who don't need revolution to get on in life. To working-class Americans, however, a revolution might be a luxury they can't afford.


Tesla says Model 3 orders top $10 billion in first 36 hours

Source: Reuters

Tesla Motors Inc said orders for its new Model 3 electric sedan topped 253,000 in the first 36 hours -- a fast start for the company's first mass-market vehicle, which may not begin to reach customers for another 18 months or more.

Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk tweeted on Friday that the Model 3, which is slated to go into production in late 2017, will sell at an average price of $42,000, including the price of options and additional features, which would give the initial flurry of orders an estimated retail value of $10.6 billion.

That intense interest, fanned in part by a steady stream of tweets by Musk, could help boost Tesla's stock price, which closed Friday at $237.59, up 3.4 percent. The stock has soared more than 60 percent since hitting a 12-month low in February.

The car's average selling price projected by Musk is well above the $35,000 base price. Analysts earlier had estimated the first Model 3s off the factory line in Fremont, California, could be loaded with extra equipment and sell for $50,000 to$60,000.

Read more: https://www.yahoo.com/news/tesla-says-model-3-orders-top-10-billion-180336696--finance.html

Tesla has a real production ramp-up problem on its hands now.

On campuses across the country, students are standing up for Donald Trump

Hunkered behind a MacBook decorated with stickers that read "This laptop was brought to you by capitalism" and "TRUMP 2016," Jake Lopez bounces T-shirt slogans off his friend Ian McIlvoy.

"Trumplicans," he says, nodding with satisfaction. "I think it'll take off."

Lopez is the California director of Students for Trump. Working from his dorm at Westmont College, he helps marshal the thousands of students who are pounding out phone calls, taping up fliers and blanketing Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat in an effort to persuade their peers that Donald Trump is the man.

Although vastly outnumbered nationwide by left-leaning classmates chanting "Feel the Bern," the youngest supporters of the GOP front-runner say they are similarly inspired by the hope of a radically different future and eager to support a leader who strikes them as anti-establishment and willing to speak his mind.


Doubt if one will find this bunch at the local Mensa meeting.

Latinos and women are blunting Trump and Sanders in California's primaries

Two groups of California voters — women and Latinos — have powered the Democratic Party’s ascent here and delivered a near-death knell to the state’s Republican Party.

A USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll released last week showed that the prominence of those groups also explains why the two hottest candidates this year aren’t running away with the state.

Across the country, in the states contested so far, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have forwarded a similar message on the topic of the economy: that trade deals have decimated jobs in this country and that those making less money have been ignored as politicians have hewed to policies that benefit the rich and powerful.

The two candidates may disagree on nearly everything else, but their echoing economic messages have boosted them among blue-collar workers, those who haven’t attended college and those lower on the income scale, overlapping groups.


How To Discuss Politics With Your Loved Ones

The Onion provides helpful tips on how to avoid conflict with family and friends when discussing the thorny topic of politics.

- First things first: Leave the car running in the driveway.
- Begin any counterpoint by irately screaming “I respectfully disagree!” inches from your loved one’s face.
- Don’t languish in a circular argument. The quicker you can draw parallels between your friend’s opinion and militant fascism, the quicker you’ll win.
- Be considerate when your views differ from those of close family members. You’ll find they’re more receptive to your opinions if you preface them with a long, wet raspberry.
- Listen twice as much as you talk, and talk twice as much as you wave a gun in the air.
- Your grandmother has lived a lot more life than you have. Who knows? Maybe gays really were godless filth in the ’40s.
- Wait until the perfect moment to deploy your ace in the hole: that you read about this very topic somewhere just recently.
- Always remain open to the possibility that you’re wrong about how much you respect your father.
- Regularly remind yourself not to let political differences affect your personal relationship with your family. That’s the job of your grandfather’s estate.


Venezuela to cut energy output if key dam falls to critical low

Venezuela will reduce power generation if the key Guri dam, which supplies around half of the blackout-hit country's electricity, falls below a minimum level that is fast approaching, an official said on Friday.

A severe drought, coupled with what critics say is a lack of investment and maintenance in energy infrastructure, has hit the South American nation which depends on hydropower for 60 percent of its electricity generation.

The massive Guri dam in Venezuela's central jungle is now at just 244 meters - its lowest level ever and just 4 meters from a critical point where water cannot feed its turbines.

"Without a doubt if the level reaches 240 meters we will have to apply certain operative measures, which authorities will announce in due time," Miguel Angel Romero, the head of generation at state-run energy firm Corpoelec, told Reuters in an interview.


This might be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Massive blackouts will get lots of people in the streets calling for Maduro's ouster.

Failure To Get Into Private College To Be Most Financially Responsible Act Of 17-Year-Old’s Life

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—Saying the turn of events will greatly benefit the 17-year-old’s economic security, sources confirmed Friday that local high school senior Emily Harrison’s failure to get into the University of Southern California, a private academic institution, will be the single most financially responsible act of her entire life.

According to reports, Harrison’s rejected application, which she spent weeks preparing in hopes of spending four years at her “dream school,” will save the young student a total of nearly $370,000, including $205,768 in tuition, $3,714 in fees, $57,392 in room and board, and $101,670 in student loan interest payments.

The rejection, which led a visibly devastated Harrison to agonize over whether she should have participated in more extracurricular activities or obtained additional letters of recommendation, will reportedly allow her to avoid a period of 10 years or more in which she would have struggled to repay her loans, inevitably racking up credit card debt to cover basic necessities and ultimately leaving her unable to buy a home.

Sources said the teen will still face financial disaster if she follows through on her long-term plan to enter a PhD program, which would require her to spend approximately one-fifth of her adult life bringing in little to no income.

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