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Gender: Male
Hometown: America's Finest City
Current location: District 50
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 10,603

Journal Archives

Pier 1 is going out of business

Source: San Diego Union-Tribune

Pier 1 Imports Inc., the seller of wicker chairs and scented candles, said it will go out of business and permanently close all 540 of its stores.

The Fort Worth company said Tuesday that it was unable to find a buyer for its business after filing for bankruptcy protection this year.

It said it will start going-out-of-business sales as soon as it can reopen stores that have been temporarily shut due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Pier 1 started with a single store in 1962 that sold beanbag chairs and love beads to hippies in San Mateo, Calif. It expanded to offer just about anything for the home, including lounge chairs and curtains, and it later adopted the logo “From Hippie to Hip.” At its height, Pier 1 had more than 1,200 stores.

Read more: https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/business/story/2020-05-19/pier-1-going-out-of-business-closing-stores

Trump attacks another female reporter for question about Americans going back to work:

Source: The Independent

‘That’s enough of you’

President snaps at CBS' Paula Reid after she asks what his plan is for the nearly 36 million Americans seeking unemployment aid since the coronavirus pandemic began

Donald Trump has attacked another female reporter who asked the president on Tuesday about a national reopening plan surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, calling her a “rude person” and adding: “That’s enough of you.”

The president was responding to a question from CBS’ Paula Reid, who asked him why he has yet to announce plan that would get the millions of Americans seeking unemployment aid amid the pandemic back to work.

“Just a rude person you are,” he said, before claiming “the plan is that each state is opening”.

“I think we’ve announced a plan, the plan is that we’re reopening the country, just a rude person you are,” he said. “We’re opening up our country and we’re opening it up very fast.”

“It’s opening up very effectively,” he added. “When you see the numbers I think even you will be impressed, which it’s pretty hard to impress you.”

Read more: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/donald-trump-latest-coronavirus-update-today-white-house-cabinet-meeting-a9523146.html

This asshole demeans, degrades, and disgraces his office and this country every day.

Moderna's vaccine results boosted its share offering -- and it's hardly a coincidence

The announcement Monday by Moderna Inc. of preliminary — very preliminary — results from its trial of a possible COVID-19 vaccine seemed at the time to reflect a global thirst for any potentially positive news in the fight against the pandemic.

On Tuesday, it looks rather different. That’s because on the heels of the vaccine announcement, the Cambridge, Mass., biotech firm announced the sale of 17.6 million new shares at a price of $76 each.

That would have been a premium of nearly 14% over the $66.69 price of Moderna stock on Friday. But it’s a 5% discount to the stock’s price at Monday’s closing.

At this valuation, in other words, the shares might have looked overpriced as of Friday. On Tuesday, following a huge burst of positive publicity, they almost look like a bargain.


Hyundai disavows SoCal dealer that abandoned people's cars amid pandemic

We’ve all got weird experiences to share about the coronavirus. Olivia Vera may have one of the weirdest.

She dropped off her car at a Culver City dealer in March because of engine trouble. The dealer subsequently had the car towed away as businesses throughout the region closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The towing company then slapped Vera with thousands of dollars in fees for taking in the abandoned vehicle.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, the 26-year-old Westwood resident faced the very real prospect of her car being sold off this week if she didn’t show up at the storage yard with a bag of cash (and cash only, no checks or credit cards).


Pole dancing and hand sanitizer: Wyoming strip club reopens with 'masks on, clothes off' party

Cleo counts out crumpled dollars, straightening the bills as she stacks them neatly on her bare leg.

“Twenty-two dollars,” the 23-year-old exclaims. “Not too bad!”

All around her, more than a dozen nearly naked women are dancing on the stage and swinging from a brass pole as music thumps and customers shower the dancers with money. It's like any other night at this rural strip club on the Colorado-Wyoming border, with one notable exception: While the dancers are all wearing barely-there outfits, every one of them is wearing a mask.

Some are bandannas. Some are surgical masks. One looks as if it was swiped from a construction site. They're a seemingly odd accessory for women wearing a mix of g-strings, bikinis and lingerie.


Republican attorneys general back Barr's bid to drop case against Flynn

Source: The Guardian

Fifteen Republican state attorneys general have filed a legal brief telling a federal judge they support the justice department’s attempt to drop its case against the former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

The move comes after almost 2,000 former justice department figures condemned the move to drop the case.

Flynn, a retired general, was fired by Trump for lying to the vice-president about conversations with the Russian ambassador. He pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI.

Obama administration requests to “unmask” Flynn, as an American speaking to surveilled foreign nationals during the investigation of Russian election interference, a routine intelligence practice, are at the heart of Donald Trump’s attempts to create a scandal, the so-called “Obamagate”, to ensnare his predecessor and his challenger at the polls this year, former vice-president Joe Biden.

Read more: https://news.yahoo.com/republican-attorneys-general-back-barrs-132033398.html

Those Republican AGs are all fucking traitors.

25th anniversary of destructive tank rampage

25 years ago, a jaw-dropping sight rolled through San Diego streets: a tank crushing everything in its path.

Stunned residents in a Kearny Mesa neigborhood described a 'rumbling, grinding noise' as the M60 tank carved a path of destruction.

10news photojournalist Rett Lawrence was at dinner with co-workers when he got the page.

"You've never seen so many guys run out to the door so fast," said Lawrence.

As a police helicopter flew overhead, the 60-ton tank ripped through cars, signs, traffic lights, hydrants and whatever was in its path. In one sequence, the tank destroyed a trailer and a van, before sheering through a mobile home like scissors.


U.S.-China Feud Over Coronavirus Erupts at World Health Assembly

Source: New York Times

China’s president pledged $2 billion to fight the virus, a move the U.S. criticized as an effort to head off scrutiny of its handling of the pandemic.

A meeting of the World Health Organization that was supposed to chart a path for the world to combat the coronavirus pandemic instead on Monday turned into a showcase for the escalating tensions between China and the United States over the virus.

President Xi Jinping of China announced at the start of the forum that Beijing would donate $2 billion toward fighting the coronavirus and dispatch doctors and medical supplies to Africa and other countries in the developing world.

The contribution, to be spent over two years, amounts to more than twice what the United States had been giving the global health agency before President Trump cut off American funding last month, and it could catapult China to the forefront of international efforts to contain a disease that has claimed at least 315,000 lives.

But it was also seen — particularly by American officials — as an attempt by China to forestall closer scrutiny of whether it hid information about the outbreak to the world.

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/18/health/coronavirus-who-china-trump.html?action=click&module=Spotlight&pgtype=Homepage

Pompeo's moves against inspector general leave a trail of questions and a department divided

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his top aides blasted the State Department’s ousted internal watchdog on Monday, accusing him of mishandling leaks to the media and failing to promote Pompeo’s mission statement to employees.

The remarks attempted to fill in the gaps in the mysterious firing of Steve Linick by President Trump late Friday night, but they also raised new questions about the dismissal and exposed a sharp divide among State Department employees.

Many career officials viewed Linick as a dogged investigator of malfeasance who cultivated a reputation for diligence and relentlessness. But for the secretary’s handpicked advisers who found themselves on the wrong end of his investigations, the former prosecutor could be a source of frustration and embarrassment, said four U.S. officials familiar with the matter.

Pompeo told The Washington Post that he advised Trump to fire Linick because he was not “performing a function” that was “additive for the State Department.”


McConnell taps Rubio as acting Intelligence Committee chair after Burr stepped aside amid FBI probe

Source: Washington Post

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) will serve as the acting chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, replacing Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), who stepped aside last week after FBI agents seized his cellphone, seeking evidence related to stock sales he made before the coronavirus pandemic crashed global markets.

“The senior senator for Florida is a talented and experienced Senate leader with expertise in foreign affairs and national security matters,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said in a statement. “Senator Rubio was the natural choice for this temporary assignment on the basis of accumulated committee service. His proven leadership on pertinent issues only made the decision easier.”

McConnell said Rubio accepted his invitation to head the panel.

Among the first tasks for Rubio will be a committee vote Tuesday on President Trump’s nominee to be director of national intelligence, Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Tex.). The vote is widely expected to be along party lines.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/mcconnell-taps-rubio-to-serve-as-acting-chairman-of-senate-intelligence-committee/2020/05/18/86ec1224-9944-11ea-ac72-3841fcc9b35f_story.html
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