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Cronus Protagonist

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Gender: Male
Member since: 2001
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FaceBook is a self-incrimination service

I've used it in the past, but when they made it so that you have to give them real verification of your identity, I passed on it. So many people are in jail or lost their jobs for postings made on the FaceBook. And it's not just the self-incrimination factor; I was attacked by a gang of thieves who operate via FaceBook. I won't get into the details because I don't want to hand out a play book to another crop of neerdowells, but suffice it to say, FaceBook is evil.

My advice to all FaceBook users is to get off it immediately. If your family convos are too important to you for you to quit FaceBook, make sure you have everything set to private and ONLY include your family as friends. Do NOT "friend" anyone who you don't already know intimately, but ultimately, even that will not protect you, so I do repeat my advice. Get off FaceBook immediately. It does not serve you well.
Posted by Cronus Protagonist | Sun May 19, 2013, 03:39 AM (1 replies)

So why is it that some people seem incapable of phrasing the killer argument properly?

If someone or some people are killed by people using guns, why not say so? Why do I see the phrase "killed by guns" so often here, especially here, where presumably people are a little more educated than the hoi polloi?

It seems to me that the weight in any gun control argument ought to involve the shooters, not just the weapon of choice. I ask because it seems weak to claim that guns kill people, and since clearly they don't do anything without a shooter, being unable to act autonomously. However, people do kill and maim each other using guns, bombs, knives, and so on.

To center your argument around the weapon du jour and not to place the blame securely on the people who buy, hold and use guns is a losing proposition from the start.

I'd like to see postings about these insane, dumb, careless, feckless or reckless people who kill and maim others using guns be more focussed on the perpetrator than the weapon. Don't you think it would both have more impact and be more accurate if we did? I think you would have to agree.

So why do so many make such clearly inaccurate statements in postings about the killer issue of the day, which is people who are violent, not guns, pressure cookers, poison gas or knives? I guess that's a rhetorical question and what I really want to say is STEP UP THE ANTE - place the blame squarely on the people who kill and maim. Address the root cause and you will get a better response, IMHO.

Posted by Cronus Protagonist | Sun May 12, 2013, 07:50 PM (22 replies)

It's called CANNABIS

Medicinal Cannabis

The plant is the Cannabis plant. The buds that are smoked or turned into edibles are Cannabis buds.

If you ever see the term "Marijuana", you're looking at propaganda on behalf of the opponents of legalization. This is not to say that everyone using that term knows this, but this is an attempt at clarification and edification. Cannabis is a medicinal plant, "marijuana" is the stuff in "reefer madness" that makes men go crazy and rape little girls. Bullshit propaganda, in other words.

That is all folks.

Contrast and compare

Reefer Madness

Posted by Cronus Protagonist | Mon May 6, 2013, 10:40 PM (4 replies)

Amazingly timely topic for me after my recent operation

Now that I'm healthy again, I find that I need a lot of cash to pay all the bills I've backed up for the last two months (and more). So I figure I need to get a full-time job. I have a lot of experience writing membership based e-commerce, classified advertising; business software (serious web sites) for corporate clients in the Fortune 500.

I apply for two to three contract and full-time jobs a day. I can't get an interview. I see jobs where my resume shows that I could do the job in my sleep, yet I can't get an interview. People lie to me. I get it. I'm "older" now. And I've not been in the best of health. (I'm fine now, by the way)

I'm "over-qualified" and "not current enough". I considered removing half of my resume - referencing only the last 5 to 10 years so that I wouldn't look so "shockingly experienced". At the interview it would be awkward: "What about the other twenty years, Sir?" Even if I got an interview, I would have to show up with my "experienced" face and "greying" hair.

They would know I'm older. And they would see the premiums on their healthcare insurance going up for everyone in the company if they took me on.

They might also see the resourceful, feisty, entrepreneurial guy who loves to develop solutions to all kinds of informational systems and thereby do my part to help make the company soar. I'm pretty much the stereotype of a Scottish engineer; Scotty on Star Trek makes me smile inside.

They might see that most of the skills and experience that I bring with me can be beneficial to the company, but they won't. Not often anyway; they can't see that if they won't interview me.

Anyway, I can't afford to wait for a year or several years to get lucky. I'm healthy now, and so, I'm back in business again! Self-employed. I'm going to revitalize my business interests, and I have a plan. Which is to develop a portfolio of useful, profitable software tools for sale. Informational systems that are single-task practical tools for small and micro-businesses; tools worth a valuable consideration for the excellent return on investment they offer.

In short, I'm going to bring industrial strength software to main street. Useful tools with a proven return on investment. No hassle. Fixed cost. Tools that work.

I feel better already. Now I have some developing to do!

Posted by Cronus Protagonist | Sun May 5, 2013, 11:15 AM (0 replies)

I finally twigged why people say outrageous things when angry

I don't have an anger bone in my body. Spock was my admired authority figure when I was growing up. I simply see no need for anger. It's destructive. It's a precursor to violence. And it's totally irrational.

So how do I deal with my relationships when the other gets angry? I am usually bewildered. The other makes up total fabrication, escalating them to ridiculous heights... "We live in a pig sty", "You never lift a finger to help", "What's the point in living then?", "Fuck you and your mother, you asshole", and so on. Meanwhile, I'm always calm, rational and I ask questions to try to ascertain what the problem *really* is, and I never find that out.

However, today I twigged on what's going on. They say outrageous things to try to get me to be as or more angry than they are! It was a bombshell to me! So today I faked anger, ranted and raved a bit, made up some bullshit and hit them with it, stomped around like a little child and generally huffed and puffed like I was really angry. And it worked! hahahaha!

They're really just trying to make me angry and it makes them angrier when I don't get angry. So now I have the solution! Fake anger!

It's sad to me for this to be the situation. I wish it were not so and everyone could live their lives anger free, like me. But many things about human social and personal interactions are foreign to me and this is one that's taken over 50 years for me to learn. So they just want me to be angry too. Damn. What a revelation! :^)

(I often feel like Sheldon Cooper, without the obsessive compulsiveness, of course)
Posted by Cronus Protagonist | Fri May 3, 2013, 12:43 PM (26 replies)
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