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Banned for life from DU -

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Media Makes Medea The Headline

forget the importance of this speech, many headlines read "President Heckled Repeatedly"

Beck Reimagines David Bowie's Sound&Vision - Must See - Amazing....

Published on Feb 11, 2013

Listen to Beck's performance with your headphones on for ideal sound, and check www.hello-again.com for the 360 Experience

The Hello, Again performance started with an idea -- Beck would reimagine David Bowie's classic, "Sound and Vision." But it became more than another cover. It became an experience that presented a fresh take on the possibilities of the once familiar, for both the audience and the performers.

In collaboration with Beck and a "band" of more than 160 diverse musicians, Director Chris Milk created a concert experience that was fully immersive for both the audience and the performers. By capturing the concert with 360-degree cameras and binaural microphones, online viewers will have the opportunity to experience the show from any and every seat in the house. Visit the 360 Experience at www.hello-again.com

Dan Coats on Senate Floor - Tea Party Only Wanted

to teach the American's about the constitution, freedumb and other American values.


Values include being subsidized and manipulated by Koch Industries and Karl Rove
Values include depicting the president as a monkey or Hitler
Values include I want my Medicare, but none for you

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