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Bolo Boffin

Bolo Boffin's Journal
Bolo Boffin's Journal
March 17, 2013

Bugliosi: 53 Reasons It Was Lee Harvey Oswald

This will be a summary of the evidence against Lee Harvey Oswald, as compiled by Vincent Bugliosi in his book Reclaiming History.

No doubt a few of these will be dismissed as lightweight stuff by conspiracy theorists. It is the totality of the evidence we are looking at here, though. It's the way they work together to demonstrate Oswald's guilt. His actions before, during, and after the assassination, his possession of the two murder weapons, his many lies to others, all of it shows his guilt. Most importantly, all of it is from his own volition. No one made Oswald go back to Irving on a day completely outside his habit. No one made Oswald have his cab driver drive past his house. No one forced Oswald to shoot Officer Tippit. This is him: what he did.

And so, the evidence demonstrating the guilt of Lee Harvey Oswald.

(Note: I'll make a post for each one under this OP. I won't finish them all today! But they will be finished by November.)

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I am done resisting conspiratorial thinking and the political pessimism it engenders here. I am going to be part of the solution somewhere else. You can find me on Twitter as @BoloBoffin. Some of my debunking of 9/11 Truth nonsense can be found at ae911truth.info. Vote progressive. Vote Democratic Party.

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