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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 5,105

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Same-sex marriage becomes law after vote in Scottish Parliament

Source: STV News

Scotland has followed England and Wales in changing the law to allow same-sex couples to marry.

The Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill passed its third stage in a free vote at the Scottish Parliament as MSPs voted 105-18 in favour.

The vote means Northern Ireland is now the only country in the UK that does not permit gay people to marry.

After the vote was passed, Scottish Health Secretary Alex Neil said: "This is a historic moment for equality in Scotland.

Read more: http://news.stv.tv/politics/262880-gay-marriage-becomes-law-in-scotland-after-parliamentary-vote/

(snipped) Much more at link. Congrats, Scotland!

Duckwads for Xmas?

Eww. Ch-ch-ch-chia.

Long live Mandella.

The body may be gone, the ideal persists.

Sylvia Browne

is dead.

This certainly belongs in the religion group, as she professed herself as religious, Christian, and had believers in her woo, even as it was repeatedly proven wrong, as all woo eventually is, unless it's the popular unprovable woo, ie, the main claims.

Who will take her place on the national stage? And can we hope for someone who combines Sylvia's woo with running mascara a' la Tammy Faye? Or will Joel Osteen start crying blood?

I can't wait to find out.

Halloween's coming! time for--


Here's one: &list=TLDzQkthdgygj3QGsZar3o3L4M-HHLcXNh

It's beyond amazing that these idiots imagine their efforts would actually 'convert' anyone to their twisted view of how things must, must, must be.

Yes, it's funny, but the fact is they're convinced they can actually do something they consider 'positive', while spewing their hatred and general nastiness and further, it's interesting they have footage of people of color in many instances, as if they really cared.

I've often wondered if folks like this want to end up in hollyweird and star on a show that represents the opposite of their proclamations or just get 15 minutes on that librul media they hate so very much and try to stretch it into years.

Commie-Cast has intentionally slowed down my internet connection!

I went to see all the news sources I generally turn to first, cuz the others are all liars, but when I went to watch the Daily Show, it was stopped every few seconds while "getting data" and "Buffering!"

Commie-cast must be stopped! Real Americans™ like me need to get are news without having commie-socialist-nazi-fascists interrupting! TO ARMS!TO ARMS!

It's time for a frog-march out of congress

OK, a bunch of poison frogs and a turtle.

The hate and religion industry (usually packaged together) are guaranteed moneymakers.

Really. This isn't hyperbole on my part.

Look at how some politicians got elected and/ or got repug money: they spewed idiocy filled with hate.

Look at how some "news" sites and blogs (or, blawgs) are committed solely to stirring up hate and lies, and see how much cash they get from ads, and/or mentions, which means more hits, on various hate blogs and fox noise.

I'm disappointed that I never got in on the act, but in the opposite direction, or maybe as one of countless outlets that spew hate as "news" items, but hate more properly aimed at the real haters.

Because I couldn't. I, like most "libruls," prefer reason over blind hatred. I can't spew lies as though they were truth, no matter how much I disagree, or hate, the rhetoric spewing from the butt-volcanoes of the other side.

I may be gone soon,thrown from my home because while they constantly scream, "Get a job!" they sent most jobs overseas and because I can barely function, and am nearly paralyzed due to anxiety and depression, most of it due to chemical imbalance, but inflamed by the insanity we lived through during the 8-year Bush error and the current insanity threatening all we know.

Something has to give, and soon, or I will.

Another day,

another priest caught soliciting sex.


Betty Crocker is a pro-homo, anti-christian socialist homofascist communist librul traitor 2 Murkkka

Can't wait to see how this plays among the "Let us Prey" crowd.
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