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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 5,105

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Freeky Piglet is taking a long time to load.

RimJob is probably witholding to get his flying monkeys jonesing for their dose of bullshit. They'll pony up their Socialist Security and gubmint money checks yet!

Mittens' first name isn't really "Willard," and his middle name isn't really "Mitt!"

His real name is "Walter Mitty" Romnesia!

He imagines great adventures for himself, as well as great powers! Truly, he's a hero! When he's sleeping, or wearing that robotic sneer/smile he wore tonight.

I admit I'm no lip reader--

But I'm pretty sure I saw Obama talking to Trigg, Troog, Tak, Tragg, or whatever his name is, asking "are you the one that wanted to punch me out?" and the Mitt-Mini-Me's body language--and I think, actual language, was, "Oh, I didn't reall mean it."

Such loyalty the cons have.

Just noticed they're viciously attacking the man they voted for in '08:


The doublethink is strong in that crowd. Triple- or quadruple-think!

I can't recall EVER seeing such a turncoat reaction to candidates liberals voted for previously, except John Edwards, who I supported at one time, and am glad he never got the nomination, especially when the truth came out about him. I voted for who McStain called, "that one," and Edwards has been trashed enough. But these folks, they grab onto the latest fax blast and stake everything on it, even if it changes tomorrow.

Rubes. Dipshits. Lizard-brains. Fair-weather "patriots." LOL. But what a sad state they have left us in. Lies are all they have left; well, that and insane hatred for any "other" that's pointed out on any particular day.

I saw a video of cats moving their heads back and forth just as an audience watching tennis tends to do. Were it not for the inherent thinking abilities of cats and tennis audiences, I'd make a comparison.


At least it doesn't flop around and, while constructed of wood, is less wooden than the candidate it replaced.


I didn't come up with that. But you'd never guess where I found it:


Did someone poke a hold in the lid of the jar over there and let a little light in?

Apparently, LeRoy Neiman has died.

He, like Salvador Dali, found his greatest success in the form of PR.

Both made interesting illustrations.

Not even going to wade into a argument about "What is Art?" Duchamp said it best:

"When an artist spits, it's art."

As an artist myself, I do what i like to do on a canvas or anywhere. It is highly therapeudic, but approval only matters if the client pays for it.

Real innovators are usually crushed by corporations regardless of industry. Same as it ever was.

I had an idea to print out signs of this in DC 20 years ago.

But I guess I was too stupid to carry it out.

If you like the meme, spread it around. If I'd followed through 20 years ago, the debate might have been different.

Yes, I do believe one person can make a difference.


The heartbreak of hysteria

From roughly the same period in history when gay sex became classified as "illness" or "sin."


New meme image-WILLARD!

Poster from a very prescient 70's film.

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