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Member since: 2002
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Lookit me! I've got a heart on!

Thanks to whoever was so thoughtful.

Two reactions on Komen reversal

Two nurses were here yesterday--one comes by twice a week, the other was her supervisor. From hospice, they provide palliative care for my mother, who has Alzheimers and is confined to her bed, unable to speak words anymore.

I'd read of the Komen reversal (thanks, DU!) and when the nurses were readying to leave, I excitedly told them the news.

The regular nurse (Nurse 1) has all kinds of liberal stickers on the bumper of her older Toyota. The other (Nurse 2) drives something newer and costlier and always blocks the driveway and mailbox when she comes. Both are professional and listen to me when I have concerns about my mother's health and comfort.

Nurse 1 smiled at the news and made positive conversation. We agreed that for some women, PP may provide the only doctor they see for some amount of time. "Gotta go where the women are, regardless of politics" I said.

Nurse 2 immediately got a look of anger in her eyes, hurriedly gathered her stuff, and left without another word.

I just can't understand that kind of mindset from someone who ostensibly supports health. I hope the liberal stickers on Nurse 1's car don't get her fired.

Can't get rid of CNET tech tracker


I didn't realize CNET had become evil. I hung out a couple of times with some of the early crew back in the 90s.

At some point, bought by CBS, gone over to the dark side.

Sometime last year, I downloaded their TechTracker, which I thought I'd gotten rid of after deleting everything--or so I thought. I can find no files, but the damn thing still brings its garbage in and it looks like it gave me a VIRUS.

Anybody know how to kill this beast?

Guess who's advertising Komen on their ATM screens?

I probably gave it away, didn't I. Of course it was BofA.

Never saw that ad on there before today; I go once a week to get money for my dad to pay a (cranky assed) caregiver.

Super-PAC Ad kit! Hey, Kids! Make Your Own!

(Not embeddable. Is that a word?)


Happy Groundhog Day!

No, that does not mean we all get to eat unlimited sausage.

Jeez, you still want sausage? We've watched it being made in Iowa, NH, SC and FL. Filthy business.

Every sunrise a painting: Brain-tumor survivor’s daily ritual

(Basically, a lady who was never an artist paints the sunrise every morning, and people contact her asking for a certain day's painting to commemorate a birth, a death, etc.)

Wagner had long been a foodie who loved to prepare complex recipes. She also savored long novels, managed her family’s finances and made it a priority to get at least nine hours of sleep a night.

Post-surgery, all of that changed. Multitasking became nearly impossible, and she found she could no longer follow recipes, balance a checkbook or keep a novel’s plot straight in her mind. She also lost her cherished ability to sleep through the night.

“You go through this mourning-type period of sadness, and then you realize that you’re a different person and you have to redefine,” Wagner said. “My husband jokes, ‘Well, I’ve gotten to be married to two different women without having to get divorced!’ ”

Her brain tumors and surgeries may have robbed Wagner of much, but they also gave in unexpected ways: She said she wound up experiencing a heightened visual perceptiveness and an irresistible pull toward art.


Stupid "food" products? Highly unhealthy ones? Need your help, please.

1) Know anything others would benefit from knowing, such as potentially dangerous stuff in packaged or restaurant food? (Fast food with pink slime, for example.)

2) What's the DUMBEST packaged food product you've seen in the stores?

Some of my "faves" I've watched people buy include a single potato wrapped in plastic wrap with the "Microwave Ready!" sticker on it. They cost much more than the SAME potatoes, either singly or bagged, if you judge by weight. Reasons why I find this absurd:

• Do consumers not have plastic wrap at home?
• Do they consider the potato cleaner than they could get it themselves?
• Are people really willing to pay a LOT more for this "convenience" that would take them maybe a couple minutes at home? (YES.)

My latest find is Frozen Rice. Convenient? Sure, but. Saves maybe 10 minutes off cooking real rice with plain old water on the stove--time people could spend watching tee vee or anything else. I don't think this is a product for the rich, so why do they spend much more than a single bag of rice to buy it?

I'm trying to put together a book on the wasteful, deceptive, possibly even dangerous ways marketers will trick consumers into spending way too much money and getting less, even while getting toxic chemicals, etc.

I'm working on a book on this subject, not really a serious coffee table book, more of a quick reader. Some folks in another group know I'm writing a book on another topic. I'm actually working on three at once, a little every day.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

(edited to break into categories)

Depression Memoir: Updated 2/10

This thread is intended to serve as a place to document my own experience in the dark world many of us inhabit—temporarily—though it may seem as though it will never end. I am working on what may become a book, primarily to work through the whole of the mess I was in and maybe help others see they're not alone, they're not "going crazy," and that no matter how badly they feel, it can and does get better.

If I can give someone a laugh or two in the process, even better. Doing something for others makes me feel good, and, bonus, doesn't cost anything. I would love to know your thoughts on the stories, whether positive or negative, as I work toward refining them.

You can read the first couple of entries here:

If you find something that causes you distress or pain, please alert the moderator. Moderator, please alert me and I will edit.

And if anyone ever needs to talk, a hug, a sympathetic ear, feel free to DUMail me.

Anyone into making Indian food?

I used to make it pretty regularly, but I cheated with Patak's jarred spices in oil. Now it looks like they've learned the American market too well, and most places now carry only their "simmer sauces," diluted versions that are used for only one meal, where the old stuff could make 3-6 meals. Same price or slightly higher, of course, for the new stuff.

So, now I'm researching and testing little things, having found an excellent international market not too far away. Already got both Basmati and Jasmine rice and itching to get going on making some good masala, tikka, samosas, butter chicken, naan, etc.

Any tips for a former cheater forced to reform?

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