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My father is 90 years old.

Currently he's in a rehab center because he broke his hip, learning to walk again, so I can take care of him, again, at his home.

He and another veteran, maybe ten years younger, have been talking, a little. They recognized each other by their armed forces hats; one's a former Marine, the other was in the Army Air Force. One guy has a hard time communicating verbally, the other is nearly deaf. But they have respect for each other.

Today in the facility's dining room, the other guy stopped by to say "hi." I pointed to his Obama '12 button and made sure he knew I liked it. He smiled broadly. My father didn't say anything, but my Publican-bot sister said to me, "you would." Damn right I would, and I did.

Coincidentally, my father's absentee ballot arrived today, and I took it to him, and opened it up for him after dinner. He said he didn't want to vote. I honestly tried to get him to fill in at least some of the ovals, at least the Presidency, but he refused.

Having grown up Southern Batshit, I think he just couldn't vote for a Mormon, or maybe he's disgusted with his whole party (repigs). Who isn't?

I told him if he didn't want to vote, he had to tear up the ballot himself and put it in the trash. He did precisely that.

At least this year, we won't cancel each others' votes.

InTrade fixing continues


Ohhh Nooooes!

Murdoch and rich repigs are gaming this just like they do the voting machines!

Anything to get an idiot to think they'd better turn around and join the lemmings.

Wow--Palin's had some major plastic surgery screwups.

And she claimed Obama was "desperate" Monday night.


I have a family member who is apparently addicted to plastic surgery. Seems the more they have, the more desperate they are to hide how ugly and rotting they are inside. Not too long ago this family member attempted to manipulate another family member by crying, and I couldn't help but laugh, because the top of her face looked surprised while the bottom half had twisted its mouth up as though in a funhouse mirror. Horribly grotesque. And yet the laughter was richly deserved. YICK.

Freeky Piglet is taking a long time to load.

RimJob is probably witholding to get his flying monkeys jonesing for their dose of bullshit. They'll pony up their Socialist Security and gubmint money checks yet!

Mittens' first name isn't really "Willard," and his middle name isn't really "Mitt!"

His real name is "Walter Mitty" Romnesia!

He imagines great adventures for himself, as well as great powers! Truly, he's a hero! When he's sleeping, or wearing that robotic sneer/smile he wore tonight.

I admit I'm no lip reader--

But I'm pretty sure I saw Obama talking to Trigg, Troog, Tak, Tragg, or whatever his name is, asking "are you the one that wanted to punch me out?" and the Mitt-Mini-Me's body language--and I think, actual language, was, "Oh, I didn't reall mean it."
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