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HEY! The world didn't end today!

You're welcome.

(Actually, when I went and had to wait 2 hrs. to pick up my meds, I wished everyone, "Hope you survive the holidays!"

They seemed to appreciate it.

Just watched, "A Carol for Another Christmas" on TCM

This was the first time it's been shown in almost 50 years. WOW. Very anti-war, anti-nuke, and funded by IBM at the time.

Some scenes, especially the idiot crowds, are completely relevant for repigs, invading public meetings and screaming to make sure nothing is accomplished, as well as the "ME" BS they all parrott, at the expense of everyone else in the world, "down yonder, or just across the river."

A different take on "A Christmas Carol," in that it employed the three ghosts.

I doubt any big corporatocracy would dare fund something that would be so confrontational today.

Instead, we must worship the job creators.
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