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Such loyalty the cons have.

Just noticed they're viciously attacking the man they voted for in '08:


The doublethink is strong in that crowd. Triple- or quadruple-think!

I can't recall EVER seeing such a turncoat reaction to candidates liberals voted for previously, except John Edwards, who I supported at one time, and am glad he never got the nomination, especially when the truth came out about him. I voted for who McStain called, "that one," and Edwards has been trashed enough. But these folks, they grab onto the latest fax blast and stake everything on it, even if it changes tomorrow.

Rubes. Dipshits. Lizard-brains. Fair-weather "patriots." LOL. But what a sad state they have left us in. Lies are all they have left; well, that and insane hatred for any "other" that's pointed out on any particular day.

I saw a video of cats moving their heads back and forth just as an audience watching tennis tends to do. Were it not for the inherent thinking abilities of cats and tennis audiences, I'd make a comparison.
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