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An Idea I just had. Is it worthy?

It just seems obvious.

Full circle: When I was a kid, church warned against commies and Russians.

Now, most everything available for sale in the US was made by slave labor in China, a communist country. And the Xtians are cheering Russia for hating gays, and saying nothing against extremists there who hunt and kill gays there, just as they do here.

And they dare to claim they stand for "freedom" and "patriotism."

And still, we're suppose to believe they're all about "love" and "Christian Love™," which is an oxymoron.

And they wonder why they're losing popularity contests and followers.

Insanity prevails.

There's a sordid, vile, disgusting story behind the new baby in England!


Oh, dear, I hope I didn't blow out your delicate brain-holes by actually describing the actual, disgusting, sinful ACT that resulted in that royal baby!

Still, we must admit that, in this fallen world, S*X happens! Of course it never happened In The Garden of Eden, Baby, by I. Ron Butterfly.

Enough! We must stop this SIN from happening, else our loving God who created it will burn us all with a magnifying glass just to show his infinite Christian Love™.

Oooh, the pain! We are all Doctor Smith now!

Money out of politics tv spot

I would like to see it get wide coverage, but bet most networks wouldn't allow it.


Since Russia (whatever) is outlawing gays, how do we forget the gay porn they produced?

I mean, it wuzz hawt.

Not even talking about the photo-ops of Pooty-poot. There was some excellent stuff under that.

So will they destroy it or use it as examples?

And, they seem to be embracing the "religious" template, lately. It works well as a choking collar, just look what it did here.

Religion, no better way to enslave and divide.
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