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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 20,952

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Jobless Rate for Post-9/11 Vets Jumped to 5.1 Percent in June


The unemployment rate for post-9/11 veterans rose again in June to 5.1 percent despite an improving economy that added 220,000 jobs, which was well above market expectations, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday.

The BLS report on the employment situation nationwide in June showed that the jobless rate for post-9/11 vets, called "Gulf War-era II" veterans by the BLS, continued the trend of lagging behind the unemployment rates for all veterans, and for the civilian population.

The unemployment rate for post-9/11 vets of 5.1 percent in June was up from 4.6 percent in May and 3.9 percent in April. In May, the unemployment rate for all veterans was 3.4 percent, a 10-year low, and in June it was 3.7 percent

These women would like to share an important message

"A common misconception is that the cows rear end emits methane,"

Cows are notorious for the amount of methane they produce. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas (GHG), but just how much do cows actually give off and how does this compare to other methane emission sources? This post tries to give an overview of all things methane and cows..



Guarding the marijuana patch

Warnings of new Arctic explosions at some 700-plus sites in Yamal due to thawing permafrost


high pregnancy failure in killer whales in Puget Sound

A multi-year survey of the nutritional, physiological and reproductive health of endangered southern resident killer whales suggests that up to two-thirds of pregnancies failed in this population from 2007 to 2014. The study links this orca populationís low reproductive success to stress brought on by low or variable abundance of their most nutrient-rich prey, Chinook salmon.


terrifying discussion of the looming climate singularity

Professor Guy McPherson and Peter Wadhams, two of the leading voices on climate change and the Arctic methane risk. Wadhams mentions that everything is going exponential and discusses the implications of the loss of sea ice. Professor Chu hypothesises that we will exceed 600ppm of carbon and that excludes the forcing of all the other green house gases including methane. That is unsurvivable btw


Moderates always cave

He's referring to GOP "moderates" but the principle can be broadly applied.


Eye of the Storm

There's a Zen drawing called The 3 Laughing Sages... this is not it

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