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A RW Fantasy End Game: "No size restrictions and screw the limit"

Here in Central Teapartistan, I'm hearing some pretty delusional talk from a particular sub-set of the GOP base.

They are hoping that the shut down will lead to a societal breakdown, followed by martial law, FEMA concentration camps, and civil war. Ending up with patriots "Taking our country back" just like those kids in "Red Dawn"!

What do these "Prepper Patriots" plan to do when SHTF? Why go into the mountains with their SUV, stockpiles of MREs and ammo and go hunting and fishing! I don't think it is a coincidence that mostly, this is what they love do anyway on days off. There is an unmistakable wish here to screw to mortgage, get away from the dead-end job and go on a permanent vacation while the deadbeat liberals starve in the cities.

The fantasy of living off the land with bushcraft skills learned on YouTube and practiced on weekends is not likely to play very well when dealing the reality of doing that in the wilderness for more than a few weeks. It is especially difficult along with a million other Elmer Fudds with the same dream. Game gets scarce, fuel, rations and ammo run low. Hard enough for the single survivalist, imagine trying to keep a family fed.
Posted by ThoughtCriminal | Sat Oct 5, 2013, 04:19 PM (2 replies)
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