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Hometown: GA
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
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Oh, give me a break.

I am a White Southerner, the descendant of several generations of White Southerners, born and bred in the deep South. And I can attest that there is definitely a time and place where the use of "Redneck" as a derogatory term is justified.

You know exactly what I mean, and don't pretend you don't.

"Redneck" in this sense basically means "Dumbass and proud of it" -- you know, the kind of moron who has a "Hell No, I Ain't Fergittin'" tag on the front of his Camaro, complete with the caricature of an old Johnny Reb with Confederate flag.

The kind of dickhead who flies a Confederate flag from the porch, just daring the neighbors to try and stop him.

The kind of pissant pseudo-Libertarian who thinks "reverse racism" actually oppresses him and his family.

The kind of worthless pond scum who'd use his power and privilege to get his son off a charge of murder because the victim is "just a N_____."

I've seen Rednecks like this all my life, and I look forward to the day when none of them exist any more, if I'm luck enough to live that long. And yes, there are states where there are so many of them that the term "Redneck State" is justified. I am ashamed that here in Georgia, despite the presence of many decent and intelligent voters, we have a redneck crook like Nathan Deal in the Governor's Mansion. I'm sure many Oklahomans, for example, are equally ashamed at the kind of regressive laws that have come out of their legislature.

And I'm not talking about class here -- some of the finest people I've ever met were poor country folks whose mannerisms and appearance would make them the laughing-stock of many a Yankee sophisticate.

I'm talking about the willfully backward, bigoted assholes who continue to thrive in this region and really wouldn't be able to live anywhere else.

But while we're on the subject, let me add that I detest the South-bashing that sometimes goes on here on DU. There are posters who assume that ALL of us down here are Rednecks, that "Fuck the South" is the only attitude a Real Liberal can have. I will defend this region against anybody who tries to paint us all with that brush.

So pass the collards, and let's do what we can, here within the Belly of the Beast, to help get President Obama re-elected.

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