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Rick Steves' Iran: Yesterday and Today

The first thing I thought of when I heard about the nuclear deal with Iran was the amazing Rick Steves TV program, Iran: Yesterday and Today. I know it takes a lot of hard diplomatic work to make a deal like this succeed, but somewhere in the mix, doesn't Rick Steves deserve some credit for nudging public opinion just a bit and humanizing the people of Iran?

As he says at the end of the documentary:
Iran is an ancient and proud land, with a rich culture. Traveling here, it felt like a paradox, its contradictions difficult to understand. While our governments may be at odds, the people we met were consistently curious, generous, and friendly. I found that, like in my country, there's a tension between modern and traditional, liberal and conservative, secular and religious.

Maybe we're all just struggling to defend the moral fabric of our respective society. I've been wondering to what extent the U.S.A.-Iran tensions might be explained by caring people on both sides motivated by love and fear. And the flip side of fear is understanding.

... I came to Iran a little nervous. I leave impressed more by what we have in common than by our differences. I've overcome my fear by getting to know the Iranian people. Granted, there are no easy solutions to the problems confronting our two nations. But surely, getting to know this culture is a step in the right direction.

I'm Rick Steves. Happy travels. And as they say here, "Peace be upon us."

And here's the whole documentary -- well worth your time to watch the entire thing:

Hats off, Rick!
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