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Hometown: GA
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 11,982

Journal Archives

Baseball for All

Great project, moving video:

Baseball for All.

Trump's new cap

Tip of the hat to DUer Guy Whitey Corngood!

A less-unhinged performance means he's still in.

And that's great news for Hillary!

Trump is still in to lose the presidency to Clinton.

Still in to force down-ticket Republicans into an impossible choice -- support Trump and go down with the ship, or repudiate Trump and incur teahadist wrath.

Still in to keep the media focused on Trump's failings, past, current, and yet to be revealed.

Still in to waste Republican money.

Still in to provide white-hot motivation for Democratic voters who can't wait to vote against this asshole.

Still in to ruin Mike Pence's political career as long as he stays chained to this wrecking ball.

If the rumors about Pence dropping out turn out to be true, there may be an opening for the RNC to replace the whole ticket -- thus incurring internecine warfare within the Republican party.

Every path forward looks like a win.
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