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Hometown: GA
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 11,976

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He's very much appreciated by the Republicans,

who continue to undo gains made during the Obama years. While everybody's focused on the latest tantrum, blunder, or outrage coming from the Trump sideshow, they're consolidating control over state legislatures, voting processes, law enforcement, environmental regulations, the judiciary, and -- soon -- the 2020 census.

Their only real regret (and it's a big one) is that they haven't yet been able to give billionaires and multinational corporations the superfluous tax breaks they expect. Since this is the true purpose of the Republican Party, they'll keep working on that while we obsess over the careening toddler's reality show.

"...oil and gas drilling, mining, logging and other industries"

That's who these assholes work for, not the public interest -- and sure as hell not anybody who cares about wilderness or the environment.

While we're busy chasing various shiny objects, engaging in circular firing squads, etc., the Trump administration is moving swiftly to strip these national monuments (and others to come, no doubt, as we'll as national parks, I predict) of monetizable national resources.

The damage could take generations to reverse. DO NOT trust these bastards.

Just myself.

Actually, several. I used to go "Ignore Free," because I was pure of heart, took the high road, and danced like nobody was watching.

But that all changed in early 2017 when a whole phalanx of obsessive primary revisitors started making my blood simmer on a regular basis. So I decided to cave in and start blocking them. (Most of them are also on my jury blacklist.)

What a refreshing change! The difference is a lot like blocking the stupid religious and home shopping channels from my TV service.

I also have quite a few keywords on my Trash Can list, because they signal a discussion that's almost always either a circular firing squad, a bait-and-hide gambit, or some other pointless exercise that I'd prefer to avoid.

And, to complete my true confessions, I've trashed several groups -- one of which is also on my Subscriptions list, I see!

I'm actually a pretty open and agreeable person in real life. But I find online life without DU Road Rage to be much more enjoyable.

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