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Hometown: GA
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Cute story from a Republican and former Trump administration official appointed by Ryan Zinke,

who resigned his post at the Bureau of Indian Affairs last year under an ethical cloud because of his role in a tribal loan to buy a Wall Street brokerage that later went belly up -- a gambit for which Clarkson and his consulting firm collected a $327,500 paycheck.

More on Gavin Clarkson:

Secret and Unaccountable: The Tribal Council at Lower Brule and its Impact on Human Rights

Trump appointee to Bureau of Indian Affairs resigns after Interior’s IG slams the loan program he oversaw

ProPublica: Your $20 million loan went bust? The Trump team will hire you

Report cites 'disturbing' conduct of former Bureau of Indian Affairs official

Q&A: Secretary of State candidate Gavin Clarkson
Q: Do you believe New Mexico’s campaign finance reporting system should be improved? If so, what changes would you propose?

Gavin Clarkson: Albuquerque’s mayoral race is a perfect example of the failure of our campaign finance system. A publicly funded candidate should not be allowed to leverage private donations. “Dark Money” from George Soros has reportedly flowed to my opponent repeatedly, yet the existing system doesn’t force those funds to be reported.

Please support John Barrow! This Democrat could become Georgia's next Sec. of State on 12/4.


If we're going to fight voter suppression in Georgia, the best way to do it is with a Democratic Secretary of State! Democrat John Barrow is in a runoff election, along with Public Service Commission candidate Lindy Miller, with the vote scheduled for Tues. December 4th.

In the November 6 midterm election, Barrow came very close to winning. Here are the totals:
John Barrow (D) - 1,877,742
The Republican - 1,901,463
The Libertarian - 86,109

Folks, that's a difference of just 23,721 votes, and the Libertarian has endorsed Barrow, so this race is very winnable IF we get out the vote!

“I know John Barrow, I’ve served with John Barrow, and I trust John Barrow. John is a fighter for us. We need to do everything that we can to make sure that John is our next Georgia Secretary of State.” — Rep. John Lewis

For more info:

John Barrow - Ballotpedia
IndieDems: The Importance of Georgia’s December 4 Runoff Election
Daily Kos: Georgia's Dec. 4 runoff for secretary of state is crucial for stopping GOP voter suppression in 2020
Barrow for Georgia: Volunteer

Many years ago, a friend of mine

who’d fallen on hard times was paying for his groceries with food stamps. An asshole right-winger behind him in line was muttering all this stuff about the “god-damned gummint.”

My friend turned to him and said, “I AM the government!”

He said the guy looked like he’d had cold water hurled at his face. That shut him up but quick.

WE are the government. Never forget that.
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