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Let's not forget that Trump has committed many crimes.

He is still extremely vulnerable for multiple felonies and potentially for other treasonous actions. Even if Leopold got Rathered, even if itís never proven that Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress, thereís plenty more to pin on him, and plenty more that is worthy of impeachment.

I know a lot of us are in a Fitzmas mood tonight, but I think there is still plenty to be optimistic about. We need to keep pressuring our Senators, especially those of us ďrepresentedĒ by Republican Senators, to do something about Trumpís many high crimes and misdemeanors. And donít forget the State of New York charges that will be hung around his flabby orange neck.

Take heart, everyone, and take a deep breath. Have a nice weekend, and letís focus on honoring Dr. King Monday. The fight resumes next week.

Atlanta Community Food Bank working to feed federal workers' families

The high demand from workers in shutdown puts Atlanta food bank 'in uncharted territory' (CNN, 1/18/2019)

A line of cars stretched across a parking lot beneath a gray sky Friday in Atlanta as employees from the Transportation Security Administration and Customs and Border Protection and their families waited for groceries from the Atlanta Community Food Bank and Antioch Baptist Church North.

"I feel pain," said Robert Timmons, a retired member of the US armed forces who said he's been working for the TSA for 16 years.

"And I feel a little remorseful, because our elected officials, who we trust to take care of business, (are) not taking care of business. And they put the suffering on the people who are working to make sure that the mission that we have is carried out."

Timmons said he's doing OK for now, thanks to his status as retired military. But the partial government shutdown -- now in its 28th day as President Donald Trump and Congress remain at an impasse over a border wall -- is hard on many of his colleagues who struggling without a paycheck.
- more at link

Atlanta-area folks: Please consider donating to or volunteering for the Atlanta Community Food Bank.
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