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Secure, private email provider recommendations

...well, as secure and private as possible, anyway, knowing that anything involving the Internet is "secure and private" only within reason. I'm not doing anything that would (or should!) attract law enforcement scrutiny, but I don't want my personal information and buying habits spread any farther than absolutely necessary. (As a Gmail user, I realize that cow has already left the barn... but I'm doing what I can to correct the situation.)

I'm getting ready to switch email providers and am looking for recommendations. I have both an email through my current blogging web host, Bluehost (using my custom domain) and a Gmail account (which I want to close due to the above-mentioned privacy concerns). I would not consider using an email address associated with my ISP (e.g., Comcast), partly for privacy reasons and partly because I don't want to feel trapped with my service provider. I'm getting ready to drop Bluehost as my web host -- that's a whole 'nother story. For now, I'll stick to the email component.

I'm weighing a few options for the custom-domain account (currently through Bluehost):
  1. Migrate the custom domain to a new web hosting company, keeping the same email addresses. Main downside of this approach is that the custom email domain is the same as that I use for a blog, and I want to create some separation between the two.

  2. Close the accounts associated with that domain and sign up with a new email provider. Main downside of this approach is the incredible hassle of informing numerous contacts and service providers of my new address(es).

Any recommendations for email providers if I go with option 2? Here are some I'm considering:
* Mailfence
* Tutanota
* Disroot
* TorGuard (they offer both VPN and email services)
* Posteo
* Kolab Now
* CounterMail

I'd love to hear from anyone with experience with any of these providers, or opinions/conjecture.

There are others. For example, I've considered ProtonMail, but I need to learn more to know whether it would work for me.

I was considering Hushmail, until I read this comment by user "Lon Moore" on the Tech Junkie article:

I’ve had the HushMail experience. It’s certainly as secure as any free disposable email. I was with them for a time, and some problem occurred that did not affect me. All of a sudden, every email I ever wrote, and every incoming showed up in my incoming mail, with an explanation that they were being helpful and providing me all my past mail so I could decide which I wanted to keep. I understand that they have since given the information about their 100% non-private practice of keeping such copies, when a sucker signs up. I don’t know because I wouldn’t touch them with a stick. NO security, NO privacy. HushMail is a big lie.

Articles for reference:
* The 3 Most Secure & Encrypted Email Providers Online (MakeUseOf, Jan. 2017)
* 9 of the Most Secure Email Providers (Tech Junkie, Dec. 2018)
* The 11 Most Secure Email Services for Better Privacy (MakeTechEasier, July 2018)

Fela Kuti lives on in these young Chilean musicians

Just discovered Newen Afrobeat today by accident while browsing other music on YouTube. Check them out... you’ll be glad you did!

Not only is their music smoking, but their live performances are demonstrations in support of the Mapuche cause. (“Newen” means strength in the Mapuche language.)

Live performance of Fela’s song “Zombie” (warning to those with strobe light sensitivity — there is a section at about the 10-minute mark where the stage lighting flashes on and off very intensely):

Studio recording of Fela’s song “Opposite People” featuring Seun Kuti on vocal and Cheick Tidiane Seck on keyboard:

Iron Butterfly: Soul Experience

As I woke up this morning, I kept hearing a lyric in my head, sung in a weird, affected male voice that I knew I found oddly comforting: “Don’t bother paintin’ yo fa-ace.”

I kept thinking, “What the hell is this from? Have I forgotten everything?” Then I raced to the computer and searched the Intertubes for this phrase. Sure enough, it was “Soul Experience” by Iron Butterfly, my favorite track from their 1969 album Ball. Happy fiftiefth anniversary!

Peanut Butter Porter for happy hour!

WITH peanuts! Nirvana...

This beer is from Back Forty Beer in Alabama. It’s delicious and, at 10.5% ABV, it’s potent!

Look at me, using all these exclamation marks! Who knows what I might type after finishing this lovely dark glassfull?!?!
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