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There's never "enough time"

to fix a broken system that benefits Republicans, it seems... It’s never “the right time.”

You damn sure better believe they’d fix it lickety-split if the problem was hurting their chances.

I say we require paper ballots, and send them all to Oregon. Those folks up there seem to have figured out a good system for conducting fair and verifiable elections. Then again, they actually care about democracy.

Looks like the truth is getting its pants on,

after the lies have circumnavigated the globe several times.

Correct. He clarified that the OLC opinion was the reason they couldn't

consider indicting a sitting president. He did not come back to say there was no justification to indict Trump, just that that was not an avenue open to the Special Counsel. Hardly exculpatory.

Like Trump and all Trumplicans,

they will claim victory NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.

We all need to remember that and not have a collective Sad every time they don’t cry Uncle — because these assholes never admit defeat, even when they get their clocks cleaned.

Mueller on Trump: Everything the Special Counsel's Report Says the President Did, Said or Knew

from Lawfare, 7/22/19:
Robert Mueller is testifying before Congress on Wednesday, and members will no doubt ask him repeatedly for his views and findings about President Trump. Mueller has made clear that he has no intention of going beyond what he said in the report itself, which he called “his testimony.” He will likely be firmest on this point with respect to the sensitive issue of presidential conduct.

So for those who want to figure out what Mueller has said about Trump, here is a list: all of Trump’s actions as detailed in the Mueller report.

This list includes everything Trump said or did, actions others recall him taking, and recollections of when Trump was informed of events and facts relevant to the investigation. In other words, it’s an account of everything the president did, said or knew, according to the Mueller report.

Each of the following section headers and excerpts is presented verbatim and sequentially as they appear in the report. We have included responses to or circumstances surrounding the president’s actions only to the extent that they provide necessary context. This list does include the president’s written responses to Mueller’s questions, which are included in Appendix C of the report. Redactions that appear in the original report are identified through bracketed text (“[ ]”) describing the stated basis for the redaction.

Lots more details at link:

The DJIA rose 244 pct. from 1/1/09 to 11/1/16

(6,948.4 to 16,953.3) following a deep recession, and 157 pct. since then (to 26,652.7), continuing the upward trend of the Obama economy.

Old white man coasts on the success achieved by his black predecessor, pretends his lucky break is the product of his own (non-existent) genius. Winning!

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