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Hometown: GA
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 11,469

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I have the Democratic Primaries Forum on Full Trash, so why do some threads show up on the home pg?

For example, today I see "Hillary Clinton's candid review of Bernie Sanders..." from that forum under the "Trending Now" banner on the DU home page. "Full Trash" means (as it says on the "My Account" Trash Can page) "Selecting this option removes the forum or group's threads from the Latest page and the Greatest page and also removes the forum or group entirely from the the Forum & Groups page and from the navigation column on the left side of most pages."

Shouldn't "Full Trash" cause a forum or topic to be, you know, fully trashed everywhere, or does that not apply to the DU home page? And if so, why would only some OPs with lots of Recs from that forum be displayed on the home page and not others?

Pink Floyd: "Grantchester Meadows," 1970, KQED

Source: https://laughingsquid.com/pink-floyd-astronomy-domine-kqed-1970/

I've always loved this song. Once when I was looking out of an airplane window I saw a river below glimmering in the sun for an instant, and then it disappeared beneath the trees. I instantly thought of this song from my youth.
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