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Vote Forward: All Georgia Senate GOTV addresses adopted!

Tweet from Vote Forward, 9:01 pm today: "You did it! All of our get out the vote letters for Georgia have been adopted. We have one more night to get them written and prepped for our big send day tomorrow (Dec. 7th). Thank you all so much!"

As of noon today, there were more than 30,000 Georgia voters to be "adopted" for Vote Forward's GOTV letter writing campaign for the 1/5/2021 U.S. Senate runoff election. This evening, they've all been claimed.

My 60 letters are done -- signed, sealed, stamped -- and will be mailed tomorrow. I sent 150 for the general election and another 50 for the first wave of the Senate runoff campaign. 260 seems like a lot to me, but there are a lot of participants who've done way more! Well, we all do what we can.

It was fun being part of these efforts this year. In a post-pandemic world, I'll probably do more volunteering that involves interacting with other people close up. But for 2020, this was the perfect activity for me.

If you're interested in learning more about Vote Forward, check them out here:

Donate to Vote Forward: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/vote-forward-c4


Jon Ossoff debates empty podium

Since David Perdue was too chicken to show up for the debate, Ossoff is taking questions from journalists and Perdue is represented by an empty podium. The moderator made this clear at the outset.


Donors Exceed Goal To Help Save Beloved Manuel's Tavern In Less Than A Day (Atlanta)

No doubt many if not most Atlanta-area DUers are familiar with Manuel's Tavern, the iconic watering hole and progressive-friendly oasis at the corner of North and Highland, where portraits of John F. Kennedy and FDR hang on the wall. Faced with oblivion due to the stresses of COVID-19, the bar appears to have been rescued by an influx of cash from habitues and fans.

WABE Radio, Atlanta, 12/3/2020 - On Wednesday, when news broke that the much-loved Atlanta bar and meetup spot Manuel’s Tavern was in danger of closing its doors due to the pandemic, Atlanta residents said “not so fast.”

A GoFundMe, set up by Manuel’s regular Angelo Fuster, exceeded its $75,000 goal on Thursday after being active for less than 24 hours.

More than 1,000 people have donated thus far and commenting things like, “That bar is sacred ground. Hang in there, Manny’s,” and, “I plan to celebrate election night 2022 at Manuel’s.”

According to the Saporta Report, the tavern, which has been an Atlanta institution and meet-up spot for everyone from blue-collar workers and policemen to politicians and the press for over 64 years, has seen business drop an average of 62% and is losing $25,000 a month despite pivoting their business model to take-away options.

The report went on to say that Manuel’s has been able to keep its doors open in part due to funds received from the Paycheck Protect Program, but that the aid was running out.

More at link: https://www.wabe.org/atlanta-exceeds-goal-to-help-save-beloved-manuels-tavern/
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