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Glass door for sale

Why not? Price is right, and I've got plenty of time on my hands.

Dr. Fauci first-pitch baseball card breaks sales record in 24 hours

Dr. Anthony Fauci first-pitch baseball card breaks Topps record for sales in just 24 hours
- Lorenzo Reyes, USA TODAY, July 27, 2020

It was on sale for only 24 hours, but it broke company records.

The Topps NOW limited edition baseball trading card featuring Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, set an all-time print record run for the franchise, selling 51,512 cards, the company said.

"Weíre excited by the popularity of Dr. Fauciís Topps NOW card," Emily Kless, Topps communications manager said in an email. "Topps prides itself on capturing the unique moments of the MLB season, one baseball card at a time, and Dr. Fauciís inclusion in this yearís Topps NOW cards is just one way in which we are highlighting the uniqueness of the 2020 season."

The company's previous record was for a card of Toronto Blue Jays third baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr., which sold 19,396 copies and featured Guerrero's first hit.

- More at link: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/2020/07/27/dr-anthony-fauci-topps-baseball-card-breaks-company-sales-record/5519546002/

I loved the Twitter quip posted in another thread: "The dude doesn't want people catching anything. Respect the consistency."

Of course, to be fair, Trump has his own card:

Mine too! See my attempt...

Photoshop Battle: Ivanka with a can of Goya beans (pic heavy)

This Reddit thread has a few gems you might enjoy -- first, the original, and then some of the many parodies in the thread:

Original Photo

The real American deep state: the Electoral College and the U.S. Senate

The real American deep state, after all, which thwarts the ability of Americans to govern themselves by the principle of majority rule, is the Electoral College and the U.S. Senate.

This nugget comes from a brief but excellent piece by Harold Meyerson in The American Prospect dated yesterday:
Majority Rule? Not Yet, Fellow Americans.

The subject is the tyranny of the minority imposed by the arcane system that empowers low-population states with disproportionately large numbers of electoral college votes and U.S. Senators.

Is there a way around the Electoral College, a piece of 18th-century handiwork put into the Constitution at a time when that documentís authors thought that only a relative handful of elite Americans would actually know anything about the presidential candidates, and when the Constitutionís Southern authors feared straight-out popular presidential elections could favor Northern candidates not necessarily predisposed to slavery?

As the Electoral College favors small states (since each state gets two extra votes reflecting its Senate representation), repealing the Constitutionís Article II provision that requires its use would prove difficult. As three-quarters of the states must ratify any constitutional change, it would take just 13 smaller states to block the Collegeís abolition.

In 2018, though, writing in these pages, Erwin Chemerinsky, a constitutional law scholar and dean of the UC Berkeley Law School, argued the Courtís one-person-one-vote ruling enforcing the Fifth Amendmentís establishment of equal justice under the law renders the Electoral College unconstitutional. No such case has yet come before the Court and itís by no means clear that Chemerinskyís argument would prevail. But it certainly should be tried.

Meyerson applies a famous Voltaire quote to the Electoral College: ťcrasez líinf‚me, which translates as "crush the infamous (or loathesome) thing."

More at link:
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