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John McLaughlin & Friends: "Straight No Chaser" (Benefit performance for India COVID relief)

Released May 7, 2021

Guitar icon releases exclusive video to raise awareness and funds for COVID relief in India, asking all to donate to Project Hope (www.projecthope.org) today.

Musicians: John McLaughlin (Guitar); Roger Rossignol(Piano); Jean Michel. ‘Kiki’ Aublette (Bass); Nicolas Viccaro (Drums)

John McLaughlin has made no secret of the musical and spiritual debt that he owes to the people and nation of India. Whether explicit (the unprecedented east/west hybrid of his beloved Shakti ensemble) or implicit (the daring rhythmic structures he transmitted via the Mahavishnu Orchestra), India has exerted a gravitational pull on McLaughlin’s life and music, and his gratitude is boundless.

Now, with India suffocated by a rampant outbreak of the deadly COVID-19 virus, McLaughlin is asking all of us to give just a little in support of relief efforts there. To encourage donations to the global health and humanitarian organization Project Hope (www.projecthope.org) -- who are providing essential supplies and personnel to the Indian people -- he has gathered a group of musician friends in Monaco to film an exclusive version of Thelonious Monk’s immortal blues “Straight No Chaser.” This fiery performance is his humble offering, a beacon beaming out to his many admirers with the hope of helping to offset the terrible blight now ravaging India.

Captured live, the performance features McLaughlin alongside pianist Roger Rossignol, bassist JM Kiki Aublette, and drummer Nicolas Viccaro, investing Monk’s timeless, knotty blues theme with an innovative spark and infectious abandon. Through his improvisation, alternately soaring and keening, McLaughlin delights in paying tribute to Monk’s deft rhythmic constructions and cunning use of dissonance. His compatriots are with him at every step, resulting in a conversational, refreshingly human treatment of this timeless standard.

“The world is in dire straits,” McLaughlin implores, “but India is just catastrophic: People dying outside hospitals because there are no beds, there is no oxygen. We recorded this video thinking of them. It is our gift to you in the hope that you will make a small gift.”

Using the "Reply-To" field in email

Maybe I'm the last person to figure this out, but recently when I sent an email to friends and family (all blind-copied to avoid a rat's nest of overlapping "Reply All" responses), I wanted replies to come to both my wife and me, instead of just me. (Of course, a "Reply All" response would come to both of us if I had her address in the cc: field, but I knew many people would hit "Reply" instead of "Reply All," and for this message I wanted to set the default to make all responses come to both of us when recipients hit "Reply" in their email application.)

I stumbled upon a feature I'd never used before in my many decades of using email: the "Reply To" field. I could put both our email addresses in Reply-To, even though I was the sender, and responses would come to both of us! This avoided the need to forward responses to her and also made it easier for either or both of us to respond to messages and cc the other.

This is not a new feature by any means, but new to me, an old dog who thought he knew all the email tricks. So I'm posting news of this earth-shaking discovery in case it's beneficial to any other DUers. I was using MacOS Mail, so I can't absolutely guarantee that every other email platform allows multiple addresses to be populated in "Reply-To." However, it seems that this should work for most if not all email clients since the "Reply To" field is a standard element in email headers (Wikipedia link).

Here are some references with more detail:

You and every single individual you come in contact with.

Every single unvaccinated person who refuses to wear a mask and stay six feet away from others is risking the health of every other person in their household, every cashier they interact with, every person they sit next to or stand in line next to, etc. And they are risking the health of everybody each of those contacts encounters.

For those of us who are fully vaccinated, the risk is minimal but not zero. With so many others who haven't yet been vaccinated, the behavior of the anti-vaxxers puts us all at risk for future variants of the virus, as well as continued circulation of the existing virus and its existing and future variants. When our current vaccine immunity subsides in a few months, we'll again be at high risk until we get our booster shots (which we're hoping will be effective).

All this is to say nothing of the global effects of COVID carriers circulating among the general population, spreading the virus to create more asymptomatic and symptomatic carriers worldwide.

So it's not quite as simple as just saying, "Not vaccinated? Go ahead and die -- not my problem."

Fortunately, many U.S. businesses are starting to require proof of vaccination to enter as a customer or work as an employee, as reported in these stories:

Happy Birthday Gil Evans

Paolo Conte: Sparring Partner

OMG!!1! Let's not frighten the scared old white people who'll never vote for us anyway!

Carville says, "The Democratic Party can’t be more liberal than Sen. Joe Manchin. That’s the fact. We don’t have the votes."

Then in the same paragraph, he mentions Rev. Warnock and Jon Ossoff winning the two Georgia senate seats -- two new U.S. Senators who are both more liberal than Joe Manchin. Elected by Georgia voters.

I agree completely with EarlG's post in this thread. The Republicans frame Bill and Hillary Clinton as communists, for God's sake. So I hardly think we need to cater to their framing.

Biden is on the right track. Stay focused on policies that benefit the majority of Americans across the board, and let the Republicans fume about Dr. Seuss and "limousine liberals."

Spotify CEO stands by anti-vax propagandist, podcast host Rogan

Joe Rogan spread anti-vaccine misinformation. Spotify's CEO is standing behind him
- CNN Business
By Kerry Flynn -- Updated 11:55 AM ET, Wed April 28, 2021

New York (CNN Business) Spotify CEO Daniel Ek is standing behind and promoting his company's top podcast host, Joe Rogan, even after Rogan spread anti-vaccine misinformation on-air.

Rogan said in a recent episode of his podcast, "The Joe Rogan Experience," that healthy young people should not get the Covid vaccine, a statement that stands in contrast to all credible public health advice. When Bloomberg reporter Lucas Shaw asked Ek about those comments on Wednesday, Ek declined to address them directly.


Rogan broadcast his anti-vaccine message at a point in the Covid-19 pandemic in which more younger people are getting hospitalized from the virus and remain at risk for spreading it.

"Joe Rogan is wrong. I'm hoping he was just trolling for new subscribers, but he has a pretty big platform and that's really destructive," CNN media analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner said on "New Day" Wednesday. "The young are the reservoirs of this virus in our community. They are really powering the spread so the only way to put this virus down once and for all is to immunize."

Spotify says it has 8 million creators, but the company continues to single out and champion Rogan, a major name in podcasting who it signed to a licensing deal last May. On its first-quarter earnings report released Wednesday, Spotify name-dropped Rogan twice. The report said Rogan's podcast was helping Spotify grow its ad-supported business and that the podcast had performed above the company's expectations for adding new users and engagement.

As usual, follow the money.

I've never listened to Rogan's podcast, but if I did, I'd start boycotting it now. And I don't have a paid Spotify account, but if I did I'd cancel it and let them know why.

What's up with Netflix dubbing every foreign-made series into English??

Sorry if this topic has been rehashed here already, but if so I haven't seen the threads.

We recently watched "The Valhalla Murders," another dark snowy noir series with grim-faced characters and brutal killings to solve, this one set in Iceland. With "Default" set as the language of choice on our Apple TV, the damn thing was dubbed into English! We use subtitles even on English-language shows, because dialogue is often hard to pick up these days. With this series, we often encountered hilarious but maddening discrepancies between dubbed English and the subtitles, for example reading "Goddamn that motherfucker to hell!" and hearing the voiceover actor say "Man!" or vice versa.

We like hearing the dialogue as spoken by the performers, because you get the emotional impact of skilled actors speaking their lines as the writer and director intended, instead of somebody sitting in a room with headphones reading an English translation (that's possibly inadequate). So it was an annoyance throughout that series, which we decided to put up with. Whenever possible, we choose to hear the original dialogue, whatever the language, and read the English subtitles. But Netflix caters to lazy Americans who can't be bothered with subtitles.

Anybody else struggle with this issue and have suggestions?

Shawshank Redemption: "Brooks Was Here"

From Thomas Newman's masterful soundtrack, one of the reasons a friend of mine says, "This movie is like crack to me."

Fred Hersch Trio: Wichita Lineman

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