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skip fox

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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 19,102

About Me

I am retired, now a professor emeritus at University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where I taught in the English department for 37 years. I've written 4 chapbooks and 5 full-sized books (all listed as poetry though many include other genres as well), including _Sheer Indefinite: Selected Poems, 1991-2012 (Univ. of New Orleans Press, 2012). I've also written a 500+ page bibliography of three contemporary poets: Robert Creeley, Ed Dorn, and Robert Duncan. I am writing now, both fiction and poetry, more now than ever. My first vote for President of the United States was for Dick Gregory in 1968 (Bowling Green, Ohio). Favorite quote: "It's easy to be an idealist if you don't have to mind the evidence, but no one said it was supposed to be easy" (Richard LaPauvre).

Journal Archives

Profiles in Crazy, XXXXIV. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

PresiDented (Golden Hemorrhoids) Trump is saying: "Listen, not only are many of the furrowed federal and contract workers on my side, they are even asking me where they can go to donate money to help fund the wall. . . . And they're buying Make America Great Again" hats like crazy. . . .You just wouldn't believe it!"

"You look like you need a lie, young man." . . . Please come CAPTION Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa)!!!

Steve ("Why lie later when you can lie now?" ) King: "The New York Times, true to form, tricked me then took me out of context. . . . I thought White Nationalism and White Supremacy were two completing brands of laundry detergent, so I said I thought they were both great. . . . I didn't want to take sides. . . . Honest."


Above CAPTION based on the up-roar about a King interview with The New York Times. Huffington Post covers the story:


Treason Enabler. . . . Please come CAPION Steve Doocy from Fox & Friends!!!

Steve (How Low Can You Go?) Doocy is saying: "You're right, Governor, the report by the liberal New York Times that the F.B.I. started a counter-intelligence inquiry into President Trump's Russian connection IS a bombshell and demands that we begin an immediate investigation . . . but not into the President but into the F.B.I. and The New York Times and The Washington Post and the lying interpreter that said The President destroyed his notes concerning Trump's meeting with Putin, as well as CNN, ABC, NBC, and MSNBC! . . . Talk about a criminal collusion!"


Above CAPTION based on right-wing media supporting Trump after The NY Times' revelations of 1.11.19 and Washington Post's reporting of 1.12.19:



(Mike Huckabee actually said we should investigate the F.B.I. so it was hard to satirize this mentality except by simply showing how many enemies these jokers are visualizing.)

Profiles in Crazy, XXXXIII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

On the phone PresiDented Donald Trump is saying: "What the lying liars at the failing New York Times didn't tell you, because frankly they haven't a clue, Judge Jeanine, is that I was acting as an agent for the good old U.S.A. . . . I was doing counter-counter-counter-counter-special intelligence (it's like playing 10-demensional chess in a dark closet) while getting into Russia's secrets and future plans against America. . . . And what do you know? . . . . Through my investigative powers I've found out they mean us all the best, they want to work with us. . . . But fake news won't even mention that; you wait and see."

The Manchurian president. . . . Please come CAPTION Secret Agent Donald Trump!!!

Donald (Double-0-1/2) Trump is saying: "It doesn't make a bit of sense. . . . How could I take orders form Moscow? I only know a single word of Russian, "nyet", . . . unless "vodka" is also a Russian word, but it doesn't sound like it to me. . . Leave it to the failing New York Times to overlook the obvious. . . . Do they think we're all stupid??


Above CAPTION based on the NY Times report that the F.B.I. opened a counter intelligence inquiry of our Liar-in-Chief:


"Nothing can get over my wall!" . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

The border patrol agent is saying: "And this is the second tunnel we found in an area where we already have wall."

Kirstjen Nielsen is thinking: "Maybe we could train moles to find tunnels and report using tiny smart phones with a bright red buttons that they can see in the dark and with a G.P.S. device."

PresiDented Donald Trump is thinking: "We'll just build them higher is all."

"Mexico, time to cough it up!" . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

PresiDented Donald ("I told you Mexico would pay for it!" ) Trump is saying: "I'm here to announce this morning that Mexico will be sending us 8 billion dollars for construction of a wall. . . . People said it was crazy, but I did it! . . . And just to get ahead of the Fake News, let me say that the bill I'm sponsoring to send Mexico 20 billion dollars in foreign aid has nothing to do with it."

"Even my lies have lies." . . . Please come CAPTION Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is saying: "On the contrary, I love it when social media satirizes what I say or what the President says. . . . It gives me great ideas."


Above CAPTION based on the fact that she used a line when speaking of terrorist crossing the southern border ("even one is one too many" ) from yesterday's CAPTION when talking to Fox & Friends this a.m.

Here are links to what she said (""The bottom line is whether it's one, 4, 14 or 4,000, one terrorist coming into our country in illegal fashion to do us harm one too many" ) this a.m. and to yesterdays CAPTION ("Just look at the terrorism alone. . . . Some people say 4,000 terrorists tried to come across illegally, some people say six, . . . but even one is one too many. . . . . We could learn about the next illegal in the form of a mushroom cloud. . . . Don't you people know your history?" ):



These jokers are beyond satire.

Profiles in Crazy, XXXXII. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

PresiDented ("Everybody wishes they were me." ) Trump is saying: "You darn right there's a crises at the border. Just look at the terrorism alone. . . . Some people say 4,000 terrorists tried to come across illegally, some people say six, . . . but even one is one too many. . . . . We could learn about the next illegal in the form of a mushroom cloud. . . . Don't you people know your history?"

CAPTION based on the crisis-hype the administration is breathlessly pushing prior to tonight's (1.8.19) televison address by the grifter-in-chief in which he might declare a national emergency.

Profiles in Crazy, XXXXI. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

PresiDented Trump is saying: "The Democrats don't want you to know, but besides the drugs, human traffickers, criminals, diseases, and blood-hungry terrorists that are crossing the border, there are also weapons of mass destruction coming in. . . . Damn right there's a national emergency! . . . And the Dems are saying there's nothing to worry about. . . . Who are you going to believe, anyway?"
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