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skip fox

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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 19,084

About Me

I am retired, now a professor emeritus at University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where I taught in the English department for 37 years. I've written 4 chapbooks and 5 full-sized books (all listed as poetry though many include other genres as well), including _Sheer Indefinite: Selected Poems, 1991-2012 (Univ. of New Orleans Press, 2012). I've also written a 500+ page bibliography of three contemporary poets: Robert Creeley, Ed Dorn, and Robert Duncan. I am writing now, both fiction and poetry, more now than ever. My first vote for President of the United States was for Dick Gregory in 1968 (Bowling Green, Ohio). Favorite quote: "It's easy to be an idealist if you don't have to mind the evidence, but no one said it was supposed to be easy" (Richard LaPauvre).

Journal Archives

Sundried on a Sunday morning. Please come CAPTION Mitt-ster (The Unhipster) Romney!!!

Mitt (Who put the 'lard' in 'Willard'?) Romney just finished saying: "My campaign manager tells me I can win if I show my personality. . . . Well, I had to ask, 'What's that?' . . . But he was too busy breathing into a bag to answer. . . . I still wonder though."

Thursday begins with a W. Please come CAPTION ol' Numbnuts!!!!!

W. is saying: "Paw was always right, Judith. . . . He said, Listen, shit for brains, since you ain't got the good sense to do something right, the best thing to do is just smile. Smile long and hard. Think of something funny like that time Jeb was caught tossing off on the dining room table when we switched on the lights for his surprise birthday party. . . . Damn, that one's kept me going for decades!"

Rooster Raises Heaven Again. Please come CAPTION Ann (burning with fake rage) Coulter:

Ann (leaching mind's marrow for over 15 years) Coulter is saying: "Everybody accuses me of hyperbole for some reason, but trust what I'm telling you: these leaks came from the President himself in order to undermine America. . . . Obama makes Benedict Arnold seem like a naughty schoolboy!!!"

Fire up a Friday! Please come CAPTION the Mitt-ster!!!!

Mitt (I never knew a stance I didn't take) Romney is saying, "Listen, . . . it was no big deal. . . . I pretended to be a cop and they pretended to be surprised to be pulled over . . . and then shocked at what I pretended to make them do. . . . It was all a game . . . They even pretended to be victims and demanded money to keep quiet. . . . Even my dad pretended to be really, really pissed."

Thump a Thursday on the chest. Please come CAPTION Michelle Malkin!!

The Wicked Witch of The Right is saying: "Brian, you're right. . . . Michelle Obama is not only fair game, she's game that NEEDS bringing down. . . . She's forced herself on the world in numerous ways from Obama care to restaurant menus, from leveraging Obama's senate, to pushing big government every time she gets, from redistributing this nation's wealth to addicting thousands to government support. . . . She pretends to be a simple mother raising her two daughters, but she's actually a whore-puppet of Satan himself. . . . You can't make this stuff up!!!"

Today is National Hypocrite's Day. Please come CAPTION Eric ("Guess what I'm holding") Bolling!!!!

Eric (greased pig of intelligence) Bolling is saying, "Personal attacks have no place in this race, and I for one, have never and will never engage in them, even though it would be more than easy to do so, questioning for instance, as many have appropriately done, Obama’s origin of birth; or looking into his college drug dealing past; or discovering he's actually a Muslim pretending to be a Christian; or exposing his alcoholism; or finding him a Kenyan egomaniac holding hip-hop barbeques in the White House while bitch-slapping the American public. But to bring such matters up would be dead wrong, and I for one will never do so."


" . . . and sometimes the Baier gets you." Please come CAPTION Bret (only the news) Baier!!!!

Bret (Let's Make Sh*t Up) Baier is saying: "And it's turning out that Obama himself is a 'birther,' refusing to let the story go away. Somehow he got the Arizona Attorney General to try to keep him off the ballot just to keep speculation alive. . . . Can you imagine the audacity, the brazen falsehood of the man? . . . And he would claim to be presiden! It's almost criminal! . . . We report, your decide!"

Trippy Thursday freaks out. Please come CAPTION the Mitt-ster!!

The Mitt-ster is thinking: "I remember when I took acid. My guru told me to contemplate myself, to try to know myself. . . . I tried, but felt like I was on-hold for 8 hours!"

Tank a Tuesday. Please come CAPTION the Mitt-ster!!!

Hitman Mitt-man is saying, "I get tired answering stupid questions about Bain Capitol. . . . Look, if we didn't make a profit, the miserable worms would be out of work eventually anyway. . . . What miserly cowards they are to complain that someone was making a couple bucks out of their miserable jobs! Hell, they were wasting their pathetic lives anyway!""
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