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skip fox

skip fox's Journal
skip fox's Journal
May 1, 2015

"I demand a special investigation by the DOJ!" . . . Please come CAPTION Peter Schweizer!!

Peter ("I was too young to get in on the swift-boating last time around&quot Schweizer is saying: "Chris, it simply doesn't matter that there is no evidence that Secretary Clinton ever changed State Department policy in accord with donations to her charity. . . . It doesn't matter that the timing of donations and policies don't match, or that certain people who might have been responsible had resigned before the period in question. . . . It doesn't matter that no one has even suggested a credible shred of evidence to the contrary, it's obvious to anyone who pays attention that Hillary is guilty, . . . . though she should, of course, get her day in court."


Above CAPTION based on the multiple interviews this hack has given, the trail of turds left in his wake, the fecal stench that still pollutes broadcast rooms across the nations, the roadkill nightmares he has given a nation, realizing that the human can be so absent in the biomorphic machine.
April 26, 2015

"It's Yahweh or the highway!" . . . Please come CAPTION Franklin Graham!!!!

Franklin ("There's one side to every story&quot Graham is saying: "You exactly right, Eric, I did say: 'Don't persecute Christians. Persecute Muslims!' . . . I want to remind you and your fine audience, it was Christ himself who said, "Do unto others before they have a chance to do anything unto you.. . . Right?"


Above CAPTION based on the following Crooks & Liars story with the fresh droppings of a clip from Fox:


April 25, 2015

An Army of Smug! . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

Bill ("I can't stand liars!&quot O'Reilly just finished saying: "Listen, we clearly need and independent investigation into these links while Hillary was in the cabinet. . . . It doesn't matter one wit that she says there was no connection between donations to her foundation and her decisions as The Secretary of State. . . . Do you buy that? . . . Why? . . . . Hillary lacks all creditability. . . . Let me say that again: Hillary lacks all creditability! . . . With some people you just can't believe a word that they say!"


Above CAPTION based on the following Crooks & Liars story:

April 24, 2015

"How 'bout two warning shots to the b*lls, Bozo?" . . . Please come CAPTION Sheriff Joe Arpaoi!!

Sheriff Joe ("You want me to give you a reason to cry?&quot Arpaio just finished saying, "Well, Judge, it's isn't like it sounds. . . . The fact that I was having your wife investigated has nothing to do with my dealings with this court. . . . And the fact that my detectives are pouring though your trash even as we speak, . . . and the reason our tax specialists are combing through your records, . . . and the reason the swat team is outside covering every entrance and exit to this building with 360 degree sightlines with the firepower of a small country . . . Well, there's a very good reason: . . . To make sure you can deliberate on my case without anyone intruding and trying to sway your decision!"


Above CAPTION based on the following Huffington Post story:

April 24, 2015

"I'm so smart it hurts sometimes!" . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!

Bill ("I keep dreaming about enraged falafels and snarling tahini!&quot "There's a perfectly good reason I think Justices Ginsberg and Kagan should recuse themselves on the upcoming marriage equality case, but back in 2006 said Justice Scalia should not recuse himself on the Guantanamo case, and it's preeminently legal and impeccably logical: namely, . . . I'm right!!!""


Above CAPTION based on the following Media Matters story:

April 22, 2015

"I'm even trying to LOOK like a fetus!" . . . . Please come CAPTION Rick Scott!!!!

Rick (Ring Around the Gene Pool) Scott is saying: "It doesn't matter that it could save lives and improve the health of millions of Floridians while it would save money for the state and allow doctors and hospitals to be compensated for their care and treatment of the poor, Florida won't expand Medicare for the best reason of them all: . . . IT'S ASSOCIATED WITH OBAMACARE!!!! . . . Surely you see how that offsets all the rest!"


Above CAPTION based on the following Huffington Post story:

April 21, 2015

"We need gun stores with a drive-through window.". . . Please come CAPTION David Horowitz!!!

David ("My favorite books come with ammo!&quot Horowitz is saying: "And I have unnamed sources who tell me that Obama has secretly arranged for a nuclear weapon to be smuggled over our southern border and wants to personally detonate it at a central urban site filled with chemical and biological weapons as well. . . . . He's planning to have those smuggled in simultaneously. . . . I know it sounds crazy,but. . . . Geez! Sometimes you just can't believe these things!!!"


Above CAPTION based on Horowitz's ravings in this DU post:

April 21, 2015

"Like om-alala pist-mini-awha piknotty wer-woo!" . . . Please come CAPTION Michele Bachmann!!!

Michele ("In for a penny, throw away the store!&quot Bachmann is saying: "Listen, Bret, The Rapture is a good thing, . . . a great thing! . . . The Greatest!!! . . . but Obama is a bad man, . . . an evil man!. . . . So how can an evil man cause a great thing? . . . You gotta think logically. . . . An evil man, in a terrible time (like the end times!), having detestable motives, doing wretched deeds, with the very worst of mankind . . . Well, that's like a double-triple negative or something . . . Therefore The Rapture! . . . It's obvious."


Above CAPTION based (rather closely, believe it or not) on the following Huffington Post story:


April 19, 2015

Jump-start a Sunday! . . . Please come CAPTION Rand Paul!!!

Rand ("My daddy can run away faster than your daddy!&quot Paul is saying: "They say I have no issues, that all I talk about is bashing Hillary all the time. . . . That's simply not true! . . . In fact I have at least as many issues as Hillary . . . . 'cause whatever she's for, I'm against, and vice versa. . . . For the simple reason that she's a witch sworn to uphold the rule of Satan. . . . and she's has taken an oath to bring this country down. . . . No issues? Ha! . . . My critics couldn't be more wrong!"


Above CAPTION based on the following Crooks & Liars story:

April 18, 2015

The lobotomy worked! . . . Please come CAPTION Bernie Goldberg on O'Reilly!!!

Bernie ("I might not be your worst nightmare, but I rank!&quot Goldberg is saying: "They call me twisted, but the liberals redefine that very term. . . . Hillary won't receive as much press enthusiasm as Obama did in '08, because race, in their minds, trumps gender, . . . but if she all of a sudden announced she was transgendered (and that's what I'm predicting) then someone would have to a black, homicidal child molester to attract more support, but if you were full-on pathological like a felonious, migrant, toe-sucking, hermaphroditic terrorist . . . , well, . . . you get the picture, Bill. . . . And they call me twisted!!!"


Above CAPTION based on the following Media Matters story:


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I am retired, now a professor emeritus at University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where I taught in the English department for 37 years. I've written 4 chapbooks and 5 full-sized books (all listed as poetry though many include other genres as well), including _Sheer Indefinite: Selected Poems, 1991-2012 (Univ. of New Orleans Press, 2012). I've also written a 500+ page bibliography of three contemporary poets: Robert Creeley, Ed Dorn, and Robert Duncan. I am writing now, both fiction and poetry, more now than ever. My first vote for President of the United States was for Dick Gregory in 1968 (Bowling Green, Ohio). Favorite quote: "It's easy to be an idealist if you don't have to mind the evidence, but no one said it was supposed to be easy" (Richard LaPauvre).

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