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Judi Lynn

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Member since: 2002
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Statue Honors Native American Veterans

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown May 10th, 2017

A 12-foot bronze sculpture, “The Gift” by A. Thomas Schomberg has been selected by the official American Indian Alaska Native (AIAN) Veterans Memorial Committee, a Chumash spokesman said.


Thanks to denbot.

Uribes via crucis: apologizing to Colombias war victims and journalists by force

written by Adriaan Alsema June 1, 2017

It took court orders, but Colombia’s hard-right former President Alvaro Uribe has begun asking forgiveness to victims of war crimes and journalists after years of refusing to do so.

Uribe’s most recent apology was directed at the mothers of 11 boys and men from the city of Soacha who in 2008 were kidnapped and executed by the military, and later presented as guerrillas killed in combat.

Instead of acknowledging what turned our the first publicly known case of “false positives,” Uribe called the victims “thugs” spurring the victims’ mothers to successfully sue him for slander.

After the mothers sued the former president, extreme right paramilitary group “Aguilas Negras” began sending them death threats, the son of their defense attorney Luis Eduardo Fajardo was assaulted and shot and his father received a letter and a bullet from the paramilitary group.

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